Happy Lantern Festival | boiled dumplings, celebrating reunion, gladly make up together

2022-05-30 0 By

The Lantern Festival, the atmosphere to the Lantern Festival or the nature of the dumplings, “dumplings” and “reunion” similar pronunciation symbol of the round, harmonious coexistence of black sesame dumplings, peanut dumplings, bean paste dumplings, salted egg yolk dumplings, rhubarb rice dumplings…All kinds of dumplings, we have already arranged for you!The snow was still outside and the house was bustling with activity.Dumplings in the pot rolling boiling, oncoming heat warm in the body.Waxy haw, sweet and warm, every mouthful of tangyuan is sweet in the heart.This Lantern Festival, not only has the atmosphere of reunion, but also the determination to let everyone become “mellow”.Today, we gather together, in addition to sharing the fresh out of the pot of tangyuan, there is the company prepared for everyone’s lunch – fruit and fried chicken.”Have enough to eat” is the most direct and intimate care between family members.We are partners at work, but sometimes more like brothers and sisters in a big family.Now that we are together, we can appreciate each other even more.Eat dumplings, celebrate reunion I wish you a happy Lantern Festival!