“Hand in hand child travel”, warm heart can offset the cold

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On the second day of the first month of the Year of the Tiger, a mountain village in northern Fujian province is enjoying the New Year.The day early in the morning, “the pioneers”, the national model judges, nanping city, fujian province intermediate people’s court level 4 researcher ZhanHongLi lead “ZhanHongLi studio’s staff, and jianyang l district people’s court liu, head of the family young trial team to drive more than 40 kilometers in the cold, came to a small village in jianyang area,Visit the girl Lin Lin (pseudonym), who met because of the case, and her grandparents.”Mama Jayne!Aunt Red!”A door, Linlin happily pounced on them.Seeing the guests coming, grandpa quickly moved out of the stool and invited everyone to sit down.Grandma also enthusiastically served her own rice cakes and dried melons.After sending festive greetings to the elderly and children, Zhan hongli and her group chatted with them.A few years ago, Lin Lin, who was two years old when her father died, became a plaintiff in a civil suit attached to a criminal case.Since then, she and jianyang District Court family juvenile trial judge forged an indisicable bond, life more than a group of aunts and uncles to protect their own.After the mother remarried, young Lin Lin followed the elderly grandparents living in a small village, life is very difficult.Lin Lin’s predicament in life affects the hearts of the judges.”The child is so young that her growth needs the care and special protection of the society.”When Lin Lin was in the first grade, liu Hong, the judge presiding over her case, learned about Lin Lin’s situation in a return visit, and immediately put her into the “hand in hand child travel” child growth care project.This project is a public welfare action initiated by the Jianyang District Court. Judges, social workers and other volunteers follow up and help children from difficult single-parent families, focusing on guiding them to learn legal knowledge and enhance their awareness of self-protection.After learning of this news, the public-spirited Zhan Hongli and the staff of the studio also joined in the public welfare action.For six years, Lin has spent every birthday with volunteers.Every festival, volunteers will also take time to accompany her.With everyone’s care and help, Lin Lin obtained the help of the local civil affairs department and public welfare fund, and gradually built up confidence in life, she also became optimistic and cheerful.”Are you used to eating at school?Is the quilt still warm?How are you getting along with your classmates?”Zhan Hongli took Linlin’s hand and carefully understood her study and life.Knowing that she is now the English class representative, Zhan hongli gave a thumbs-up.Snuggle up in zhan Hongli side of the Lin Lin smiled shyly.It was rainy and cold in northern Fujian in January.Zhan Hongli organized everyone to play the “eagle catch chicken” game, courtyard filled with laughter…The distance from time to time sounded firecrackers, the festive atmosphere of the New Year permeated the whole village, smile hanging on everyone’s face.Source: People’s Court Newspaper reporter: He Xiaohui Correspondent: Xu Jinyi, Yuan Yujuan Fujian High Hospital CH_FJGY original title: “Holding hands with children”, warm heart can offset the cold”