From next month, this money will no longer be accepted!

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The bank of China’s official website announced since February 1, 2022 to cancel the personal debit card annual fee and a small personal checking account management fee is owned by the bank of China the customer personal debit card annual fee (including the outstanding annual fee in the past year) and the date is no longer the small account management fees charged after news many netizens thumb up the policy that “reasonable” hope “for promotion”▼ ▼ and online @ other bank small cloth learned that some Banks are also introduced to waive the annual fee policy of bank of communications if only one account in the bank automatically from the annual fee left left left China merchants bank does not receive a cash card annual fee left left left hubei official online video, welcome to published the editorial department of hubei province product | reprint please indicate the source source: hubei publishing editor:Chen Yaxi