Controversy!Monk a dragon and convenient friction, fans: a dragon has never been, than someone strong

2022-05-30 0 By

Recently, the fighting between monk one dragon and god of death convenient caused a large number of insiders hot discussion, although two people had a close relationship, be a good brother, but everything is built on the basis of being able to tolerate each other, since one dragon finally can not bear the convenience of constantly sarcasm on their own that day, the relationship between the two sides will never go back.Fans of both sides are also attacking each other.A loyal fan of Yilong wrote on social media:”I see wulin wind for 18 years, I’ve never been black dragon, the dragon of dozen although not good-looking, technology co., LTD., but he was never afraid of a challenge, not unintelligent, unlike some people didn’t run took on ring, held out ran, so this fearless spirit of the dragon, is worth us any personal learning, once again, I wish you all a happy year of the tiger!”Can be seen from the net friend of words, he told a dragon wind and domineering or very recognition, and to “someone” the wind is not cold, although the Internet without naming names, but insiders should would have thought that he “someone” big probability is convenient, because of convenient belong to access + cuddle style, rarely recklessly,Feng is the opposite of a dragon’s slamming style, and the relationship between the two has been rocky lately, so the fan is referring to convenience.Of course, there are a lot of people like this kind of play, radish green vegetables, everyone has his love, this is beyond reproach.As can be seen from the netizan’s comments, the conflict between Yi Long and Yi Convenience has spread to the audience level, and their fans are not comfortable with each other’s idols, which is not a good phenomenon for the development of mMA in China.To be fair, The Fighting industry in China has fallen to the bottom in the past two years, and all competition parties have been severely impacted. If there is a fight between fighters again, the future of this industry is really difficult.