Actress with plastic surgery sequelae, Liu Xiaoqing’s skin lift seriously changed wax figure, CAI Ming’s “witch face”

2022-05-30 0 By

In the entertainment industry, plastic surgery has become a common thing, some to become more beautiful, but others to pit themselves, today let’s talk about a few women on the road to beauty pit themselves.First, Liu Xiaoqing, when she was young, she had an oval face and delicate features, but also with a charming and charming appearance.Now excessive skin, so that their ears too long without earlobe, face began to become uneven stiff deformation.Second, CAI Ming, young she was also the goddess of the sketch industry, with oval face and delicate facial features, now nearly 60 years old her apple muscle is tall, the expression is also very stiff as wax statue.Third, Yang Mi, although she had a square face in the early days, she also had a smart spirit, a pair of big eyes seem to be able to talk, now she will be photographed from time to time with swollen face.The fourth is Zhang Meng. In the early days, she was pure and sweet, full of aura, and was once called the first love goddess by netizens. As a result, her face is full of plastic sensation and facial swelling is very obvious, which can be called disfigurement.The fifth, Sun Feifei, in the early years, her appearance and temperament is clever, high recognition, between the eyebrows are a classical charm, but now the oval face has changed into an awl face.The sixth, Wang Xinling, once known as the sweetheart of her church, at that time she was a girl full of sweet vitality, but now swollen to stiff, from the previous sweet face into a snake face.The seventh, Gong Xinliang, early she is still having pure and fresh gorgeous temperament, now she is like an awl face sharp ground, eyeballs are about to fly out of orbit.The deformed love beauty is not the real beauty, we still know which put their whole disabled star?Feel free to leave a comment.