7 straight losses to 6th place in the East!Listen to Kyrie’s post-game gripe

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With Kevin Durant sidelined and James Harden sidelined, the Nets lost their seventh straight game with Irving in a slump.Amid the team’s seventh straight loss, Irving spoke out in a postgame interview, and harden’s trade rumors were confirmed by more authoritative media outlets.Chances are, something big will happen between the Sixers and the Nets before the trade deadline.First quarter jazz firing, Mitchell, o ‘neal teamed up to obtain the dream start 10 to 0, the nets while outside shooting well but the defensive end not to force, the team is always in a passive, time Sir Section 15-3 people to send a wave of offensive will lead to more than 20 points, Owen state is bad, the nets discouraged in the face of the opponent precise perimeter.Third quarter continued fierce offensive perimeter that Mitchell, such as PASCAL force hit single section seven down the nets through three points will also be further expanded to 32 points, small Cameron Thomas led Sir Try to setup was killed in the bud, the two sides then sounded not quit, eventually the jazz 125-102 victory over the nets, the nets in 7 defeats.After the game, Nets player Kyrie Irving spoke to the media.”We were able to take some positives out of it, but I’m getting a little tired of saying that,” Owen said of the team’s performance. “It looked silly.”Irving said his team’s defense was poor, allowing opponents to get to the basket on every possession, a demoralizing approach to the game.Irving finished with 15 points, three rebounds and six assists on 6-of-20 shooting.And just after The game, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, The Philadelphia 76ers would try to pursue James Harden before The trade deadline, and The Nets were open to a deal.Shams said the Sixers were looking to trade for a star player that could improve their chances of winning a title this season, and the reason they were reluctant to part with Ben Simmons and pay a lot of money for him was waiting for that opportunity.Harden meets the 76ers’ need threshold, and His track record gives Philadelphia confidence that the pairing of Harden and Embiid has a great championship chance.Both the authority of the reporters and the displeasure irving expressed after the game suggest that the Nets triumvirate is about to fall apart for some time to come.And even more outrageous, now the team is complaining about the fact that it is directly due to their own personal reasons to miss the game, resulting in the nets into the current situation Irving.Had to let people sigh, harden and Durant came really wrong irving.As some fans have said, Irving is the one who really ruined the Nets.I don’t know how do you think about it?