4 Mistakes women should Avoid when washing their face: Your skin may thank you

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Guide language: for most people, the likelihood washes a face itself is a relatively simple trifle, because for most men, when washing a face, need to use clear water only or the milk that wash a face to clean can, but for one part female, wash a face really very troublesome problem.Because some women need to use makeup remover, cleanser, cotton towel, skin care products and other various items when washing their face, and each item has a sequential use, so washing your face is also a more troublesome thing.4 “mistakes” to wash your face, many people are fooled, no wonder skin is getting drier!Mistake one: After using makeup remover, need to use cleanser again for most women, go out to make up is a very normal thing, after all, make up can effectively improve their appearance level.But back home, after discharge makeup is more troublesome, especially after discharge makeup, many women will think face is still very dirty, so using cleanser to clean after discharge makeup oil is often the case, but in fact this kind of behavior is easy to cause the fragile skin damage, so after use discharge makeup oil, cleansing milk is usually no need to immediately after use.Myth 2: Hands and towels are “hidden” a large number of bacteria, should use disposable cotton towel face for men, usually the most important thing to wash your face is the hands and towels, but for some women, it is necessary to use cotton towel face.Because in some people’s eyes, the hands touch more things every day, so the hands are more likely to produce a lot of bacteria, and towels are usually used repeatedly, so towels are also prone to bacteria, and there is also a smell, so after washing the face, disposable cotton towel is more appropriate.Although our hands touch a lot of things every day, as long as we wash our hands first before washing our face, we will naturally not develop bacteria on our hands and will not have a certain impact on our face.Same towel also is such, want to undertake cleaning and air bask in after using only at ordinary times only, so, towel nature also won’t exist bacterium and stink.So in terms of cost performance, hands and towels are more suitable than disposable cotton towels.Misunderstanding three: DIY skin care products, blindly believe the so-called “skin care strategy” skin care is most female friends will be exposed to the content of life, but many people do not have the correct knowledge of skin care, which also makes many women in the use of a variety of skin care strategies, resulting in worse skin.In fact, if honey, milk and other substances are used to wash your face, it is easy to produce oil on your face, and bacteria are more likely to breed. This wrong skin care strategy not only fails to protect your skin, but also causes damage to your skin. Therefore, you should have the correct knowledge when protecting your skin in life.Myth 4:For oily skin, skin cleanser will lead to damage to oil is too strong for the existence of oily skin people, seems to be, when choosing cleanser will also put special emphasis on capacity, but the skin give oil is also a way of protection to the skin, if use at ordinary times cleanser to capacity is too strong, the skin will skin damage caused by the barrier removal,So the choice of cleansing milk in life should also be considered more.So, how to wash a face just right?Teach you how to wash your face correctly and your skin will thank you!When we wash our face, we should first make preparations, including hand washing, facial cleanser, tissue and hair fixing.In water temperature, average 25 to 35 degrees, cleansing usually requires the choice of product, clean face product choice usually need to PH 5.5 to 7, then clean face, we need to have the order for the rubbing, general order is nose, people, chin, cheeks and forehead, after cleansing, use towel or soft cotton towel to wipe clean.Conclusion: In fact, about the problem of skin care, probably most people will work hard on the face, but in fact, often drink more hot water, pay more attention to sunscreen behavior can also play a skin care effect.Therefore, for skin care problems, we usually need to learn more relevant knowledge, so as to be more conducive to skin care.