Your habits are your luck

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Do you often feel that luck is a very mysterious thing, invisible, touch, some people have a lot of good luck, some people are always unlucky?What is luck?Do we just have to wait for good luck?There is a saying that there are four kinds of luck. The first is “random good luck”, which we have no control over, such as winning the lottery or receiving an unexpected gift.The second is random bad luck.Like random good luck, there’s not much we can do about it.A financial crisis, being struck by lightning, an accident, a house collapsing under a big tree.Third, “opportunity”.Opportunity is the by-product of good daily habits.It is like an apple tree, we loosen the soil, plant the seeds, and then carefully cultivate it to grow.After a while, the apple trees blossomed and bore fruit, and the fruit we had worked so hard to produce.These apples are opportunities.The fourth is “doom”, which is the evil twin of chance.Habits are a seed. Good seeds bring opportunities. Bad seeds bring misfortune, such as job loss, failed investments, foreclosure, divorce, illness, etc.Which habits lead to opportunity and which lead to doom?Thomas Corey, a CERTIFIED public accountant and certified financial planner, spent five years studying the daily habits of 177 self-made multimillionaires and 128 poor people and found that a person’s daily habits reveal a lot about whether or not they will succeed in life.His bestselling book, The Habits of Wealth, identifies 10 core habits that divide the lives of the poor from those of the rich.Before you start a habit, look at yourself and find the things you want to change.That means observing your life to see if there are any bad habits.For example, habitual lateness, procrastination, overeating, lack of exercise, and even excessive drinking and smoking.On a piece of paper, draw two lists of your bad daily habits on one side and your good ones on the other.Spend 30 minutes a day studying materials related to your industry, spend 30 minutes running, complete 80 percent of my to-do list, urge myself to do it now when I am too lazy to do it, and do it without sarcasm.Stick to your list of habits and do them every day.Next, you need to set goals and build habits around them.There are four types of goals: current day goals, current month goals, current year goals, and long-term goals.Each day and each month has specific, actionable goals, such as clearing your bookshelf today, identifying books that you will read soon and eliminating those that you will never read again, finishing one book a month and writing a book review…Goals should be set according to your interests and abilities.A long-term goal is a “wish list,” breaking each goal down into specific steps to achieve it.The third is to improve your self-worth every day.Instead of spending time watching TV or surfing the web, read magazines and technical materials related to your industry and keep up with The Times with a mindset of learning.Self-worth increases over time.Make sure you have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted study every day.The fourth is to pay attention to their physical health.Being rich is not just about having money in the bank, it’s about being healthy.Mediocre people don’t have a regular, long-term health control system. They are always looking for the latest and most effective diet.They focus on health on a whim and suddenly decide to eat less or something different.People who value the future make their health a long-term focus. They exercise, eat properly and get enough sleep to keep themselves alert and energetic.Fifth, cultivate, maintain, and improve your relationships and spend a lot of time networking.Sometimes, relationships are like gold, not only bringing understanding and warmth, but also new opportunities for growth.Relationships need as much care as crops need a farmer.The sixth is to live in moderation every day.Life is a marathon, not a sprint.Abundant life, all is in the self-control, live a proper life.They rarely lose control and don’t overeat themselves or run out of money at once.No matter consumption, diet, emotion, entertainment, no matter excessive consumption, will eventually let life fall into the abyss.Seventh, tell yourself to “do it now” and finish your tasks on time for the day.Procrastination is the biggest stumbling block to success.They tend to think of themselves as perfectionists who can’t take action until they’re 100 percent sure it can be done, or it has to be done.But psychologist Jane Bock has found that behind procrastination lies a person’s fear of failure, success, control, alienation, and attachment.For example, when you present a project to your boss, you put it off until the last minute because you think it will get criticized and require revisions.For example, before a child writes homework, he or she has thought about the picture of a parent or teacher criticizing him or her for making a mistake. Only by eliminating these fear factors behind, can your body take action.Whatever you think, do it.Even if the result is not as perfect as expected, there is room for improvement.The eighth is to face life with rich thinking.Successful people appear positive and unhurried to outsiders because they are confident and energetic because they feel strong and in control of their lives.They always cheer themselves up and never criticize themselves.Instead of getting discouraged when problems arise, they see problems and setbacks as just another opportunity.Losers, on the other hand, tend to be hard on themselves, often unconsciously beating themselves up: you’re a loser, you can’t do anything…Ninth, set aside 10% of everything you earn for savings.Many poor people do not have money, but can not use money.They live paycheck to paycheck, don’t save money, pay for things they can’t afford, and even indulge in speculation, using lottery tickets as a retirement plan and recklessly taking unnecessary risks.People who have a plan, when they get their salary, pay into their future first, putting 10% of it into savings.Of course, 10% is not a fixed percentage, you can also contribute 20%, 30%.Tenth is to control your thoughts and emotions on a daily basis.Master your thoughts and emotions so that you can make rational decisions instead of being a slave to your emotions.Winners do not fall prey to anger, jealousy, excitement, sadness, or other narrow emotions. They eliminate all negative thoughts and emotions and never allow them into their lives.Just as writer Su Qin said, even when I was in the worst mood, I still ate meals on time, went to bed and got up early, and kept my self-discipline as before.Such a person is able to carry things, people, things and then disorderly, not disorderly heart.When a negative emotion hits you, you know whether it is a emotion or a fact. You have your own way of coping with it. When the emotion passes, you can deal with it so that you don’t make a worse decision.William James, philosopher and psychologist, said, “Habits separate social classes from mixing them.”Indeed, your reading habits determine your grades;Your position and future depend on your habits at work.Exercise habits, determines your figure and health;The habit of saving and investing determines your wealth accumulation…Good luck is simply the accumulation of good habits that give you a magnetic field that attracts opportunities and the ability to seize them.The author | kale is blue, write the story of others, had their day as well.Pictures | vision China, network (if there is any infringement, please contact delete)