Mourinho bites his tongue!Roma were only half blocked and the net was empty.

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0-2!Roma missed out on the coppa Italia semi-finals this season after losing to inter milan.With the league far from the top four, jose mourinho’s first season back in Serie A is likely to end in failure.But mourinho is also really can’t help, he hands roma, and inter too big a gap.After watching this game, I believe the fans will agree with one conclusion, that is roma’s ability to take chances, is very poor.After 90 minutes, the two sides were evenly matched, although roma were a little more passive, but they also posed a great threat to inter.The difference was that roma missed their chances and inter scored twice to make it 2-0.In the second minute of the first half, Inter responded with perisic’s cross from the left and Dzeko was able to roll over and score.After conceding an unexpected goal, Roma stormed back and created at least two chances, none of which went in.19 th minute, Abraham oblique block, Zaniolo rushed to face the goalkeeper, the result of a push was blocked.Compared with Dzeko’s shot, Zaniolo was not the least bit off.In the 65th minute of the second half, Roma hit back when Zaniolo got past the keeper and, facing an open goal, his lob shot was blocked by an Inter player.If that goal had gone in, Roma would have equalised, but it didn’t.Roma were punished for wasting an open chance.Roma were desperate when Sanchez made it 2-0 in the 68th minute with a world-class strike from the front.Although inter’s goal was a foul, there was no doubt that it was a World Cup, and it clearly showed the gap between roma’s front men and inter’s.Speaking after the match, mourinho said roma had wasted two great chances to go out 1-0 down, and he was almost directly naming Zaniolo.If he gets one, roma are unlikely to lose to inter.Jose mourinho bit his tongue as he watched his pupils squander their chances.Normally, such a move would be an attempt to ease his nerves, a sign of jose mourinho’s desperation with the roma genius.With the defeat to Inter milan, some would have thought jose mourinho had run out of ideas, as roma have failed to do well in serie A and the Coppa Italia this season.But jose mourinho can’t help it, he can use tactics to set up players to limit opponents, but it’s up to the players to score goals, wasting chances like Zaniolo, no matter how good mourinho is.