With the old driver in charge, the vehicle is fully self-checked and sufficient materials are prepared in advance, the Wuhan bus is driven out of the “bus temperature” in the snow and snow.

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“It’s really hard to end the snow in Wuhan.”On Sunday night, weibo users were abuzz about the upcoming heavy snow.In order to ensure the safe travel of citizens and reduce the adverse impact of heavy snowfall on driving, Wuhan public transport immediately launched an emergency plan for extremely cold weather, taking multiple measures such as training in advance, reserve materials and vehicle self-inspection, so that jiangcheng citizens can feel the “bus temperature” while hiking in snow.It snowed in Wuhan on The 28th, and the road was easy to freeze, and traffic accidents were easy to happen.”When the road is icy, always pull over, get out and observe…”On the afternoon of 26th, a winter training for bus drivers was held as scheduled. Safety officer Ke Aoli explained to more than 30 bus drivers the skills of driving safely in bad weather in the meeting room of hankou Railway Station bus hub.27, reporters from guannan team safety team leader Zhang Yi learned that ice is the main factor causing accidents in snowy weather.Rear-end collision and car door accident are frequent accidents, which are generally caused by ice on the road and residual snow water in the car.In order to avoid freezing in the car at low temperature, the cleaning work in the car will be “to sweep instead of dragging”, after the snow will be in the car salt, to prevent the upper and lower doors of the ground ice caused by passengers slip.It is reported that hankou Railway Station, Changqing, Jinyintan, Polar Ocean World and other bus hubs and bus starting points 10, 38, 292, 295, 527, 705, a total of more than 2 tons of industrial salt, 400 bundles (50 bundles) of anti-skid straw MATS, 60 spades and a large amount of anhydride alcohol and other winter prevention materials.Optics Valley, a bus company, has a total of 800 bundles of anti-skid straw MATS, 20 tons of industrial salt and 100 shovels.City, self checking is more strict, the key moment “old driver” in order to ensure the security of driving, on each line, in accordance with the “ten inspection + + weekly inspection trip to check” work requirements, increase of operating vehicles before the car warm wind direction of air conditioning, lights of windscreen wiper, brake vehicle parts such as hidden perils, ensure “substandard vehicles not on-line”, each table line of vehicle air conditioning is normal, compartment temperature over 10 degrees.27 at 9:30 a.m., Zhang Kangsheng line long is accompanying the driver Master Liu to make pre-trip vehicle inspection, Zhang line long said, “it is snowing tonight, before the masters drive we have to see their state of mind, do not get on the car is not safe, also have to tell the masters on the road to drive attention to safety.”In addition to the departure of the signature to say hello, the management personnel will also take the first class, the last bus and field command and other ways to strengthen the field management, remind the driver master safe driving.According to the usual driving experience, Yangtze River bridge, lake embankment along the river, highway sections, in low temperature and snow days are prone to rear-end collision due to strong wind not good control of the car body.The second bus company will arrange all the old bus drivers with more than 8 years of bus driving experience to go online for the 10, 292, 292Q, 295 and 47 routes running in these accident-prone sections.The optical Valley Bus Company will arrange drivers with more than five years of driving experience in the first five shifts and the last five shifts to observe the road conditions and report.As for security officers, they have to get up at 3 or 4 o ‘clock to patrol bus routes in their private cars before the shift starts.During the period of vehicle operation, accident prone sections will also arrange personnel on duty, report the situation at any time.”In extreme weather, safety is always the number one priority.””Although the situation on the road is uncontrollable, we can keep abreast of the road situation and remind drivers to pay attention to which sections of road are icy and pay attention to driving safety,” zhang said.From the people, cars, road three aspects of the control of the bus, unable to travel the situation reported to the company, stop line in time.Wuhan public transport staff will stick to the front line to ensure the safety of citizens.”More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.