Lianyungang, Jiangsu province: An 80-year-old woman went to market by bike and fell into a ditch

2022-05-28 0 By

Although the solar term is the beginning of Spring, but the temperature has not yet warmed up, intermittent wind blows on our face, the lowest temperature is still hovering between 0 degrees Celsius.It was heart-wrenching that the old man should fall at this time!The situation is urgent, the East China Sea traffic police actively rescue, the elderly family members and the surrounding masses have praised.”What about mama?Can you get up?Are there any injuries?”At about 8 am on February 9, the donghai County Public Security Bureau traffic police Baita Squadron patrol section of 267 provincial Highway Baita section, found nearby an old man and electric tricycle overturned on the bottom of the ditch.Wearing a padded jacket, the temperature was minus 2 degrees Celsius in the morning, but she was already shivering from the cold wind.Seeing this, the police quickly stepped forward to help the old man up, and patiently asked the old man’s physical condition.After the police inquiry learned that the old man named Ji Mou Ying, this year has been 80 years old.In the morning, he was driving an electric tricycle to buy some daily necessities at a market when he accidentally tipped over into a ditch shortly after driving on the road.Police immediately through the police platform to query the elderly relatives of information, contact with the family, after confirming that the elderly body is not serious, this safely escorted to the family side.He then worked with fellow enthusiasts to push the overturned vehicle to the side of the road.Before leaving, considering the old man is older, the police repeatedly told the old man and his family members not to go out alone as far as possible, the old man nodded repeatedly after listening to the police care and assistance expressed thanks, surrounding onlookers have also praised.Source: Donghai Police