Characteristics and appearance description of chicks

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Chicken characteristics and appearance description chicken characteristics: chicken in childhood have very short hair, most of the chicken down their whole body hair is light yellow, of course, there are other colors.The chicken’s mouth is also short, not as sharp as the adult chicken’s mouth, chicken usually prefer to eat worms.For climate conditions, chicks are more afraid of the cold, so can not stand the cold weather.Chicken appearance description: chicken body furry, a small, they charmingly naive, very lovely.From afar, the chicken is like a small ball of velvet, two small feet gently point to walk around swaying, very lovely.The chicken appears to be an “oval shape”, slightly smaller than a human palm.Chick’s head round, two black eyes, like black gems, they look around the way very careful, they are more sensitive to the surrounding environment, like to follow behind the hen, where the hen will follow the chicken.The chicken’s mouth is pointed, but not sharp, can not eat too much food, the color of the mouth is darker than the color of the hair, orange yellow.Chicken PAWS are also very characteristic, their legs are particularly out, long and thin, claws are also very long, open the sole of the foot firmly grasp the ground, to maintain the balance of the body.When chicks are properly fed at an early age, they can only grow into their parents, with many bright feathers, sharp mouths, and can eat a variety of food, such as grains and insects. Moreover, their claws become sophisticated and walk more steadily.