Automatic management of fish Pond (2)

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Automatic water level control (water refill) This function is mainly for timely water refill.When the pool is built, the spillage will be set up at the highest water level. In this sense, water level automation has been achieved.In fact, if the pool does not seep water, do not use water method fish, water replenishment work is not done.Because the amount of water naturally evaporates is not large, it will automatically be replenished when it rains, of course, except in dry areas with little rainfall.If the use of water change method of fish, or water seepage pool, then timely water is essential.This work is very simple to say, that is, when the water level drops to a certain position, open the inlet valve in time, when the water level rises to a certain position, close the inlet valve in time.But how do you automate it?Open the faucet with long water hydrating is really lazy practice, here will not discuss.The water source for replenishing water is generally tap water, and of course, it can also be the well water dug by itself.If tap water is used as the source of water, floating ball valve control is a good choice.Float ball valve is simple and practical, the disadvantage is installed in the main pool is not very beautiful, installed in the clear water tank or sedimentation tank easy to be affected by circulating water flow.If it is to use well water as the source of water, float ball valve is not good, the following will focus on the well water system.This system involves manual operation table, pressure storage tank, self-priming pump, automatic pressure switch, probe and other equipment.First, self-priming pump to use pressure switch automatic control.After opening the faucet, the water pressure in the water pipe (including the pressure storage tank) slowly disappears, and the automatic pressure switch will start the self-priming pump to draw water from the well;After turning off the faucet, the self-priming pump continues to draw water from the well. As the pressure in the pipe builds up, the automatic pressure switch will turn off the self-priming pump.If you want to use a floating ball valve instead of a faucet, it will not work.In addition, there is a more advanced automatic water level control method, requiring equipment including normally closed solenoid valve, water level controller, three water level probes.Solenoid valve on the market a lot, don’t be cheap, pipe diameter and water pipe matching;Water level controller brand many, principle, function, use methods are similar, is a standardized product.The installation of strong electricity and valve can see the manual, the water electrician of high school culture should have no problem.The main difficulty of installation is three water level probes, three probes need to be installed in the pool wall of the pool, the line is three colors, can be connected with the lowest black, can also be connected with the highest red.The connecting line that manufacturer offers has 2 meters or so only commonly, the wire that receives 10 meters with good dot won’t have a problem normally.Water level controller has a variety of uses, power operation, the normal results should be like this: three probes do not touch the water, water level controller will open the solenoid valve, began to water;When the water level rises to the red probe (all three probes touch the water), the water level controller will close the solenoid valve, water stop, that is, the pool is full of water;When the water level begins to drop and the blue probe can not touch the water, the water level controller will open the solenoid valve for water refill;When the water level rises back to the red probe, the water level controller closes the solenoid valve and the cycle repeats.The installation should also pay attention to one point: the three signal lines as far as possible not to rain, otherwise there will be a hidden failure of heavy rain, if conditions can be longer casing, until the distribution box that must be no problem.