Zhongji Spring Festival brings convenience and benefits home

2022-05-27 0 By

As the epidemic dissipates and the end of the Year approaches, Zhengzhou residents are gradually returning to normal life and shopping for New Year goods has entered the countdown.To this end, Zhongji enterprises timely do a good supply of Spring Festival goods services, launched a batch of Henan flavor characteristics of the Spring Festival gift box, and box polite.Not only to meet the citizens practical, affordable, convenient, health requirements, gift box packaging is also high-end atmosphere, put into the market, welcomed by the citizens.According to zhu Mengmeng, director of supervision of Zhongji enterprise, considering the actual situation in Zhengzhou this year, for the convenience of consumers to the greatest extent, Zhongji Spring Festival goods is free to do.Free processing to the store, eat as you like, save trouble;Second, do not waste.Pick up goods at any time, fresh security, save money;Three is to change casually.Gift box equivalent exchange, gratified, worry;Fourth, good food materials.The ingredients are strictly controlled to keep the tip of the tongue safe.In zhongji New Year sales scene, a middle-aged male consumer on the spot randomly opened a box of eight bowls of New Year gifts, in addition to the small crisp meat, yellow braised chicken and other eight bowls, there is a set of Zhongji special products (four varieties), plus a red envelope (60 yuan coupon one, 50% discount coupon two).Best of all, there is a letter of thanks from Jones Chairman to the customer.M: Not only is it cheap, but it’s also so convenient that this year’s daughter-in-law can get out of the kitchen!As early as December 30, 2021, Zhongji announced that in response to the call of the government, during the 2022 Spring Festival, zhengzhou citizens will be provided with a total of 10 million yuan of feedback activities, including a 50% discount for the New Year gift box, a red envelope (cash + vouchers) for dining, free door-to-door chefs and other projects.The company said it is fully prepared to provide more diverse and affordable New Year’s Eve dinners and gift boxes to the public as the epidemic has dissipated and the year is approaching.(Xu Guoqing)