Winning is no longer the only thing!Durant, even you think so, no wonder Harden is leaving

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Winning is no longer the only thing!Durant, even you think so, no wonder Harden is leaving!It’s been three days since the trade deadline, but the seismic deal between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers at the last minute still feels incredible.Just when the outside world didn’t think a Deal for Harden Simmons was going to happen, the Nets made a last-minute, two-for-five deal with Philadelphia that sent Harden and Millsap to Philadelphia for Simmons, Curry, Drummond and 2 first-round picks.With the two teams making the deal, it means the Durant, Irving and Harden triumvirate has finally failed.After the successful formation of the big three last season, the Nets have been regarded as the most exciting team to win the championship last season, or even one of the.But injuries beat them back early, and they fell in the Eastern Conference semifinals.But harden was traded and played just 16 games together, going 13-3 and ending the duojha partnership.The end of the historic offensive trio was painful for the nets’ management, because it wasn’t what they wanted, but it was the harsh reality they had to accept.From the beginning, it’s fair to say they were all together for one ultimate goal: a championship!Durant and Irving already have championships in their hands, but they need to prove that they can still do it again without their original teams.Harden came to win his first title with Durant and Irving, only to leave empty-handed, frustrated and frustrated.So why did the offensive juggernauts fall apart after just 16 games together?Aside from the fact that Irving is playing part-time and Nash’s rotation isn’t fixed, harden may be frustrated that their respective careers aren’t aligned anymore.Harden still wants to win, but Irving and Durant may no longer be the only ones.Irving is aware of the impact his part-time role could have on his team’s championship run, but he stands by his decision not to get vaccinated, even though it could hurt the team.And the team’s backbone Kevin Durant in Irving’s influence, in fact, the heart has also undergone a dramatic change, championship is no longer his only pursuit.Earlier, Durant spoke about the team’s current state in an interview.”Honestly, I’ve never looked at this season that way,” Durant said when asked if he was confident the new arrivals would lead the Nets to a title.I mean we have a lot of talent, but so do a lot of other teams, and obviously winning championships is their goal.In order to achieve our goals, we must take appropriate steps.We’ve been on hold for a while with injuries, and now we’ve got to get Simmons involved and get our team back together.I just want everyone to get out there and get some practice before I think about winning. That’s the most important thing.”Durant’s comments are clearly a hint that his goal this season is not to win a championship, but to get Ben Simmons and other new players into the mix as quickly as possible.Honestly, isn’t it time for every playoff team to have a title on their agenda as the regular season nears its end?Durant’s words were so unusual that he wasn’t even really thinking about winning a title this season.Frankly, it’s easy to understand harden’s eagerness to leave the Brooklyn Nets when even Kevin Durant is saying that.Because he’s the only one left in the big three, Harden is desperate to win this season, and the other two are already in their muddle.Thought is not a channel, leave is really the best choice!What do you think about that?