The 2022 Guangzhou Reading Month opens, and the reading survey results of Guangzhou residents are announced

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This network news (reporter Xu Ping) On April 1, the 2022 Guangzhou Reading Month officially kicked off, hosted by the Publicity Department of guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Office of the Organizing Committee of the Book And Sheep City Reading Activity, and undertaken by Guangzhou Xinhua Publishing and Distribution Group.The theme of 2022 Guangzhou Reading Month is “Inheriting the fragrance of books and moving forward with faith”.Through the selection of the top ten Books in The Book City of 2022, the selection of the national Reading Promotion Ambassador of 2022, “April 2 International Children’s Book Day” and “Guangzhou Reading Month” juvenile reading carnival, “‘ Yue ‘reading with growing the book of thousands” parent-child reading, “Learn the History of the Party classicsVarious brand reading activities, such as “New book Reading Salon” and the 4th “Guangzhou-Buddhism Reading Together in The City”, light up April and create a sense of books.Against the backdrop of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, reading activities pay more attention to the integration of online and offline experience. For example, the “Leisurely Subway ‘Exploring’ For Books” jointly organized by Provincial Zhongshan Library and Guangzhou Metro — 2022 “Guangdong Reading Is More Exciting” multi-station store live broadcast will adopt the form of “direct broadcast room + outdoor field” with multiple lines.On the one hand, on provincial zhongshan library trill account “hot selections” 10 most popular this recommended books and other reading service, on the other hand selected 2 ~ 3 subway environment and atmosphere of good library or bookstore “agent shop” host, lively and relaxed way reader’s interest and promote outstanding books resources and library services (bookstore).In order to let readers have a better understanding of the overall picture of Guangzhou reading, the Office of the Organizing committee of the National Reading Activity of Shuxiang Yangcheng officially announced the “2021 Guangzhou residents Reading Survey Results report” organized by the China Academy of Press and Publication on March 31.The results show that the comprehensive reading strength of guangzhou is remarkable. The total reading index of residents is 75.91 points, among which the individual reading index is 77.71 points and the public reading service index is 74.25 points.Digital reading is developing rapidly. 90.3 percent of adult residents read various media, including books, newspapers and digital publications.Adult residents have a good reading foundation, and the average reading amount of both paper books and e-books is high, with 5.16 paper books and 3.52 e-books per capita.The reading performance of minors is outstanding. The average number of books read by minors aged 0-17 is 11.82, with a reading rate of 92.5%.The survey was carried out from August to October 2021 in the whole city, following the sampling method combining stratified sampling and simple random sampling, and 2,406 valid samples were finally recovered.