Tangyin farewell Anyang City people’s Hospital aid soup medical staff

2022-05-27 0 By

On February 14, 42 medical staff from Anyang People’s Hospital who supported henan Nursing Vocational College in isolation lifted centralized isolation and returned home. The county leaders Hua Mingjun and Meng Xianqi were present to bid farewell, expressing the gratitude of the county Party Committee, the county government and the 530,000 people of the county.At the scene of the event, Hua Mingjun, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and director of the Office of the County Party Committee, and Meng Xianqi, leader of the county people’s Congress, presented flowers to the medical staff and took a group photo.It is reported that from January 14 to February 6, 42 medical staff from Anyang People’s Hospital went grade A and went to the quarantine point of Henan Vocational College of Nursing regardless of the risk and safety, and fought continuously at the forefront of fighting against the epidemic in our county.On a daily basis, they carry out health management, temperature monitoring, meal distribution, epidemic prevention and elimination, and nucleic acid samples collection for quarantined people and staff in quarantine sites.At the same time, they have taken the initiative to care about the psychological dynamics of quarantined people, popularize scientific anti-epidemic knowledge, provide psychological counseling to them, and devote themselves to their work.Their selfless dedication and silent efforts have made positive contributions to the county’s epidemic prevention and control work and the protection of people’s lives.