Study case strong thought receive education bright direction

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In order to guide all supervision staff to know awe, keep fear, keep the bottom line, enhance the concept of law and discipline, self-discipline consciousness, and build a solid ideological defense line against corruption and degeneration, on the afternoon of January 20, the Supervision detachment of the Municipal Bureau invited Li Jingguo, director of the Procurator’s Office of the Municipal People’s Procuratorate in the detention House, to give warning education classes.Zhang Yuelin, head of the detachment, other leading group members, procurators of the Municipal People’s Procuratorate stationed in the detention house, the detachment organs and the staff of the municipal “three stations” except for those on duty listened to the lecture.The lecture mainly focused on crimes such as abuse of power, dereliction of duty, commutation of sentence for favoritism, parole and temporary execution outside prison, as well as bribery and other crimes closely related to the management of the prison, and carried out warning education to tighten the institutional cage that public officials cannot, do not want to, and do not dare to corrupt.Case is the best textbook, but also the best warning mirror.In the class, Director Li combined with years of work experience in the procurator, selected a shocking, thought-provoking negative typical, with popular language, vivid cases, for everyone to calculate a political account, economic account, family account.Through the teaching, the participants were afraid, words to refrain, action to stop, enhance the resistance to all kinds of bad atmosphere erosion temptation of determination.In the next step, all the staff of the detachment will maintain the health of the supervision team and promote the all-round development of supervision work with stronger faith, deeper feelings for the people, stronger sense of responsibility and stricter line of discipline and law.Edit: Yumong