Skillfully use wechat to solve disputes and warm the hearts of the people

2022-05-27 0 By

Recently, hualong county people’s court is the court use WeChat platform successful mediation in the folk lending disputes together, to improve the working efficiency, saving judicial resources and at the same time, truly achieve the “one-stop” service justice, let the little running errands, implements the epidemic prevention and control “, to put the “I does the practical work for the masses” fell into effect.After the case was filed, the defendant Mu was unable to attend the court in time due to the impact of the epidemic because he was working in other places. In order to properly solve the dispute and effectively protect the litigation rights and legitimate rights and interests of both parties, the judge in charge of the case called the original defendant several times to communicate and understand, and after obtaining the consent of the original defendant, the judge formed a wechat group.The litigation status of the parties was determined and the mediation procedure was conducted in accordance with the law.Through the online mediation conducted by judges for nearly two hours, adhering to the concept that peace is the most valuable, patiently analyzing the law and understanding, the original defendants showed mutual understanding and accommodation, and finally reached an agreement to resolve the dispute successfully, and the case was settled through mediation, which not only reduced the burden of litigation of the parties, but also protected the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.In promoting “one-stop” judicial services, epidemic prevention and control, and judicial services, Hualong People’s Court adheres to the people-centered development philosophy and takes safeguarding people’s fundamental interests as the starting point and goal of all its work in accordance with the arrangements and arrangements of the Supreme People’s Court and its superior courts.The people-centered development thought runs through every link of law enforcement and case handling, and the learning results are turned into work results. In a variety of forms, “I do practical things for the masses” is put into practice, so that the people can truly feel the temperature of justice.(Source: Hualong Court)