“River netscape” Red lantern Chinese knot Zhengzhou yuan snack night flavor is full

2022-05-27 0 By

Dahe Network news (reporter Ma Shaokun Yang Xinyang) the fifteenth day of the first month to appreciate lanterns is a traditional Chinese folk activities, February 15, Zhengzhou city Songshan Road, construction road, mutual aid road and other streets on the red lanterns, China became this Lantern Festival added a thick festive atmosphere.Than zhengzhou city road night at night at the festival atmosphere is very songshan road build way of mutual colorful lanterns bishagang park entrance on the road a lot of parents take their children to buy lanterns bishagang park at the gate of traders in the roadside vendors selling lantern on selling lanterns overpass vendors in selling lanterns children arms holding the lantern happy children carrying a lantern hanging lanterns on the roadside trees