Nanjing double gate street concentration rectification of illegal car washing

2022-05-27 0 By

Yangtse Evening News network On February 17 (reporter Xu Sheng) “since the car wash point rectification, our area much quieter.”Recently, Nanjing is rong Run peak near residents Zhang said.Before the Spring Festival, shuangzha Street urban management department urban management team members, urban governance public committee members, urban governance volunteers jointly carried out environmental remediation action, requiring 3 illegal road washing points to rectify.It is understood that these car washing points are located near rongrunfeng, because the early Spring Festival business is hot, mostly from the day to the night, not only illegal road, the appearance of the road, the surrounding environment, and formed a huge source of noise.At night, the sound of car honking and high-pressure flushing seriously affected the rest of nearby residents.Shuangzha Subdistrict urban management department immediately went to the illegal car washing sites after receiving complaints from 12,345 residents, and required the owners to make rectification in accordance with the relevant urban management standards, wash cars for no more than 22 hours, and maintain the surrounding environmental hygiene.In the next step, in order to implement long-term control, shuangzha Sub-district Urban management Department will strictly implement the responsibility of law enforcement grid, refine the control standards, and strengthen daily inspection and inspection of such illegal and illegal problems and points that are easy to rebound, so as to prevent the recurrence of such problems.Proofread by Li Haihui