“Moving” to the future, Hebei Mobile 5G back technology to ensure the full Olympic Torch relay

2022-05-27 0 By

On February 3, the Torch relay ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games started from the Yangyuan Nihewan site in Zhangjiakou. Hebei Mobile made full efforts to ensure the 5G video transmission of the torch relay by CCTV in five stations including Zhangbei Desheng Village, downtown Industrial culture Theme Park, Chongli Fulong Snow Resort and downtown Dajingmen Square.”Today is the day of the Olympic Torch relay, our three-level security team arrived at 7 o ‘clock on time and rehearsed all the work before the official start of the torch relay.This kind of work has been going on since January 29. In order to fully complete the 5G video transmission guarantee task of the Torch relay, we have worked out a detailed communication service guarantee scheme for the torch relay.In the tense waiting, as the first torch relay, the front and back 87 security colleagues immediately into the wartime security state, every point, every torch runner, every frame of the video to guard the whole process.””Said Wang Chenyang, head of the Hebei Mobile Torch relay support group.It is reported, to complete the relay video 5 g back security tasks, hebei mobile since the end of January, has formulated the detailed torch relay communication service guarantee scheme, granularity, involving 144 residential and 82 torch relay base station cable inspection, health inspection equipment and parameter verification, deduction torch relay at the same time of all kinds of emergency,Formulate contingency plans to ensure that the overall torch relay work is foolproof.Before February 2, the simulation test was completed again for 4 times, and the whole process of data transmission was normal without packet loss.On the morning of February 3, with the first torch relay, the security work really entered the war state, until 18:30, the no. 225 torch relay was completed.14.92 km, 225 sticks, 7 hours and 40 minutes, mobile 5G transmission did not appear a second, a frame of lag.It is understood that during the torch relay, the peak users reached 12,303 people, an increase of 25.45% compared with February 2;Data flow 2118G, increased by 78.63% compared with February 2;The traffic volume increased by 37.2% compared with February 2, and the torch relay video transmission and on-site communication guarantee were successfully achieved!