Jump to the rescue!Duanzhou auxiliary police jumped into the icy Xijiang river to rescue a drowning woman

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Cold morning, Duanzhou public security bureau Baisha police station an auxiliary police regardless of personal danger jumped into the cold Xijiang River, successfully rescued a drowning old woman.Let’s review this “breathtaking scene” ~ February 2 at 7 o ‘clock in the morning, Duanzhou public security bureau baisha police station received a public alarm: xijiang river near the area of an old woman fell into the water.After receiving the report, the police station immediately with life buoy, ropes, life jackets and other equipment rushed to the scene, on the scene found an old woman floating and drifting about three meters offshore in the river and downstream.Because the river is rushing, the situation is particularly dangerous, first ran to the scene of auxiliary police Lu Hanming did not hesitate, immediately took off the thick coat, with a life buoy jumped into the cold river to rescue the old woman.Old woman wearing down jacket, water after the volume becomes large, weight increase, increase the difficulty of rescue, rescue personnel’s life safety also exists a great risk.In the cold river, Lu Hanming body temperature drop physical overdraft, but he is still clinging to the old woman’s life buoy, try his best to swim to the shore, and arrived at the scene with the assistance of the firefighters, together to save the old woman ashore.After landing, Lu hanming shivered with cold and his lips turned purple.Fortunately, she was safely rescued and sent to the hospital for treatment.That morning, according to the DuanZhou area deputy district, public security bureau chief zhang zhaohui DuanZhou requirements, branch of political work room on behalf of the bureau party committee to visit the Lu Hanming baisha station to show its concern concern, ask understand its body recovery, and highly praised his heroic self-sacrifice, encouraged him to continue to carry forward fighting spirit, in the future work to peace DuanZhou construction.The political affairs office of Duanzhou Branch of Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau visited Lu Hanming (third from left) at baisha Police station on behalf of the party committee of the bureau.Let’s give a thumbs up to this brave people’s policeman!Source: Xijiang Daily pingan Duanzhou