I am always a child in the eyes of my parents

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I was born in an ordinary rural family in Jianping County, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, we belong to a poor mountainous area in western Liaoning!Parents are honest farmers, every day is sunrise and sunset and rest.Farming was their job, day after day, year after year, scraping food out of the soil. They never went out to work or even went to a big city!When I was young, my parents built four big tile-roofed houses with their hard-earned money!At that time these four big tile-roofed houses were one of the few good houses in the village!But I know this is their usual thrifty, sweat beads fell to the ground eight petals, bit by bit accumulated wealth!My parents still live in the same house they built then!It looks very shabby now.With the money my parents saved to build a house, but also for my study!I went all the way to high school, but in the end, I failed to get into college, and I failed!Because take an examination of a university at that time very bad take an examination of, 2 because oneself also not hard enough!No way to have to drop out of school to Work in Beijing, do north drift has been doing ten years, this period of marriage and children!Later, because of the great pressure of living in Beijing, I was eliminated and went back to work in the small town of my hometown.The county town is only dozens of kilometers away from my hometown, but I seldom go home because of my work on weekdays.Every Spring Festival will stay at home for a few more days!To tell the truth, I have never spent Spring Festival outside my whole life!Every year is to spend the Spring Festival with parents in their hometown.I know parents are not easy, let alone I am an only child!This year is no exception or back home New Year!Because of usual total also not at home, return home to want to help do some work!But every time I had to work, my parents would not let me. They always said, “Stay here, you don’t need to do this work. You haven’t done anything since you were a child.I know in my heart, it is not that I can’t do it, it is that my parents are not willing to let me work, I am still in their eyes when they go to school that child!I’m not allowed to do this, I’m not allowed to do that, I feel like I’m a big man at home.Parents from time to time also always touch my clothes thick is not thick, kept told me to wear more, said what to wear less winter, old leg pain!I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that!Chinese New Year these days, so every day three pour a full, food, clothes, be waited on by parents like children!Want to go to work immediately, every arrive at this time my in the mind is particularly bad suffer, although say also not to want to work thousands of miles away, but total feeling in the heart sour!Don’t say: Mom!I have to work tomorrow!Every time I have to hold that sentence to the end!Because I don’t want to leave home, and my parents also want me to stay at home for a few more days.Before leaving mom secretly gave dad a wink, so dad went to the box to take out 2000 yuan fortress to me!I didn’t give my parents red envelopes for Chinese New Year, but they tried to get money for me!My parents explained that the money was partly due to me because I had paid for their health insurance with my mobile phone years ago.Rural health care is now paid with mobile phones, and they don’t know how to use smartphones!The other part they say is lucky money for their granddaughter!Looking at the parents put the money in front of me at that moment, my tears kept spinning in my eyes, but I can not flow down, I shed tears, they will follow tears, that scene I really can not accept!I can not talk, I speak and afraid of crying out loud, had to endure tears silently nodded!I can’t say no. It would break their hearts!When it was time to start, my mother insisted that my father drive an electric tricycle and send me to the car!I said no, but mom still insisted!Sitting in the back of dad’s tricycle, looking at mom’s fading figure, I really can’t control myself, tears flowed out of my eyes!This is a good Parent in China!Poor parents all over the world!Are your parents like that?Don’t ask!Sure it is!It’s not easy being a parent for any of us!Let’s all be dutiful children!We are always a good child in the eyes of our parents!