Henan Zhengzhou waterproof decoration grade two qualification transfer

2022-05-27 0 By

Henan Zhengzhou waterproof two, decoration two, special qualification transfer.Henan Zhengzhou decoration, waterproof qualification transfer.Their own qualification, the company is clean, no business, 21 years of qualification certificate, 21 years of safety production license, including change, change of equity cycle 20-30 days.As we all know, there are two important things to buy a house, the waterproof of the house, the decoration of the house, the waterproof anticorrosion insulation, the decoration, the engineering secondary qualification can undertake the corresponding project of the project, the contract amount, the project quantity.Of course, the second-level qualification can be upgraded to improve the enterprise’s engineering project business. The second-level qualification can be upgraded to one level, and the first-level qualification can undertake all the projects of the project.