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Wilson of dongfeng fengshen dazzle MAX (image) | | configuration inquiry based on dongfeng fengshen DSMA architecture, as a flagship brand in the car, also has a good strength.The new car is positioned as a compact sedan, with a total of 6 models launched, and the guiding price range is 93,900 to 125,900 yuan.First of all, from the appearance, Yixuan MAX has a new design style, the whole vehicle is more inclined to the young and fashionable sports atmosphere.The front face is nearly borderless, with black rectangular grille inlaid and silver chrome trim on both sides to broaden the horizontal visual effect of the front. The official name of the grille is “fighter digital grille”.You look smart, too.Under the body, there are large air inlet decorations on both sides to add movement.The two sides of the sharp headlights are very impressive, the lowest model is halogen headlights, others are equipped with LED near and far lights, LED daytime and automatic headlights.The side of the body is more inclined to the design of a coupe model, the whole body lines are very smooth, and the piecewise waist line looks more layered.C-pillar slip back modeling is also now popular style.In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4797/1870/1475mm and the wheelbase is 2770mm.The whole system comes with the main driver’s seat keyless entry function.The rear design looks more fresh, a variety of tangent collocation looks very sharp.A through-through taillight is indispensable, and chrome trim is incorporated to add layers.Under the body is surrounded by a double – sided exhaust trim.Except for the lowest model, all the other models have rear parking radar and reversing image, and the high model also has 360-degree panoramic image, reversing side warning system and automatic parking entry function.Interior design is also firmly grasp the young be fond of, follow the trend.The whole central control screen is more user-friendly and convenient to operate.The central console and door panel have more soft material package, and turn fur decoration, feel very delicate.Leather flat bottom sports steering wheel, multi-function buttons large size, and equipped with a paddle for daily use.The dashboard uses a 12.3-inch full LCD display, and the vehicle is informative and the UI animations are cool.It comes standard with a 10.25-inch center screen and a slightly 3D curved screen.Features support real-time road navigation, mobile connectivity, voice recognition control and Internet of vehicles and other mainstream configuration, vehicle-to-vehicle system fluency performance is good.There is also a bright spot here, that is, the independent air conditioning control, designed at the top of the screen and air conditioning air outlet integrated into a horizontal bar touch operation, very fresh.The touch area at the bottom of the screen is used for functions such as operating the vehicle system and driving mode.The shape of electronic shift lever is small and delicate, and it is comfortable to hold.The whole front row storage space is very much, the center console is hollow design, can put some daily sundry.The storage compartment in front of the handle is fine enough for two phones, but it doesn’t come with wireless charging.There’s only one USB port on the front, which is a bit sparse.The lowest model will have fabric seats, while most models will have imitation leather seats and support motorized adjustment of the main driver’s seat. The two premium models will have ventilation, massage and memory functions of the main driver’s seat.In the same price model, the configuration is relatively complete.The whole front seat design is wide and thick, the padding is soft, and the ride experience is very comfortable.After all, the body length and wheelbase in compact cars have an advantage, so the whole rear row space is still very spacious.The 180cm tall experiencer rode in the back row, with more than two punches left in leg space and one punch left in head space, which can fully meet the daily household needs.The middle floor has a low bump and is not too crowded for three people.The rear row is equipped with a USB port and a separate air conditioner outlet.In terms of power, the Yixuan MAX is equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 190 HP and a peak torque of 300 N · m. It is matched with a seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission.The hybrid also has a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 163 HP and an electric motor with a maximum power of 177 HP, matched with an E-CVT transmission.Recommended model: 2021 1.5T super cool dad version of the guide price of 103,900 yuan as a family car, more recommended to choose the fuel version, super cool dad version of the model.In terms of safety configuration, it is more abundant, with enough airbags and active braking function.The car’s 7-inch dashboard screen and 10.25-inch center control screen have a good sense of technology.Auxiliary configuration after parking radar and reversing image, can fully meet the daily use of urban parking, so it is more recommended to choose super dazzlingly fashionable dad version.