Half a million equipment idle in the factory, less than a year to sell at the price of 200,000, there is no market

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Now a lot of people do business like huddle, always looking at other people’s business is booming, so the other people on what equipment you also on what equipment, originally wanted to share a piece of the soup, but the other people have a market for their own finally lost the wife and fold soldiers;In Zhejiang Yongkang do hardware industry Zhang is a typical example.Zhang general factory has more than 50 people, the factory area is about 1000 square meters, mainly is to do hardware processing.Their monthly order volume is stable, and the product profit margin is good;But limited by the existing processing methods, Zhang wants to seek a breakthrough.Because they mainly do non-standard product processing, so the order quantity is small and the specifications are various. When Zhang saw the business around his peers is relatively prosperous, he felt that he could also do some standard products processing.In this way, he bought a laser cutting machine power in 6000W at the suggestion of the surrounding laser cutting manufacturers;Because the power of the surrounding factories is about 2000-3000W, the other manufacturer gave the opinion that the high power of this equipment can be processed in a large range, which can also enhance the processing capacity of Mr. Zhang;After all, you have what others don’t and that’s the processing advantage.Zhang always felt the other side said good, because now in the process of business limitations so Zhang always more anxious.So spend more than 500,000 yuan to purchase a laser cutting machine, this thought can do a big job;Turns out there’s no market.Although the power of the equipment can be processed in a strong range, but The customer group zhang is facing is not so thick plate, because it is mainly to do the surrounding market so in fact, the original recommended equipment is not applicable.In this way, The market size of Mr. Zhang did not expand, and the equipment purchased at 50W was basically useless. After lying idle for a year, Mr. Zhang sold it at 20W.In fact, for enterprises, the choice of equipment is also an investment.Be sure to consider the target population, the surrounding market and the existing processing capacity when choosing, rather than just do it because others are good.After all, other people do so many years in their own track must be more relevant experience.- Follow me to unlock more new knowledge