Good start to the first quarter!In the free trade zone, 33 projects were started or resumed

2022-05-27 0 By

A year’s plan begins in spring.On March 26, the reporter learned from the free trade Airport zone that since the launch of the “project construction speed year” action this year, 33 projects within the park have been started and resumed. The fixed investment is expected to complete 1 billion yuan in the first quarter, comprehensively realizing a good start in the first quarter.Earthwork backfilling has been completed for the phase I project of the Aviation industry incubation platform, and the pile foundation project is ready for construction.As early as late November last year, the MANAGEMENT Committee of free Trade Airport Zone and Linkong Group, the investment and operation company of the zone, made detailed arrangements for the construction of the project in 2022 and clarified the direction of speed up.Up to now, key construction projects such as the first phase of the airport industry incubation platform, the infrastructure construction project of the high-tech cluster area of the airport industry cluster area, the collection and distribution road around the airport, and the infrastructure project of The Plum Blossom Industrial and Trade New Area have all started construction and successfully completed the construction target tasks of the first quarter.Among them, the earth backfilling work of the phase I project of the aviation industry incubation platform has been completed, and the pile foundation project is ready for construction. After completion, the project will provide strong support for the development of the aviation industry.The airport public green space project is being cleaned up and is expected to be put into use in April. It will become a beautiful scenery in the free trade airport zone.The smooth progress of project construction cannot be separated from the guarantee of all elements.”The management Committee and Linkong Group have effectively shortened the work efficiency in the early stage of the project, solved various difficulties in the promotion and further improved the efficiency and quality of the project management by simplifying the approval process, monthly scheduling and rectification project construction, improving the construction of smart chemical site and closely linking relevant functional departments in the county.”Linkong Group related person in charge.”In order to carry out the ‘project construction speed up year’ action and ensure the project speed up, we carried out wall map operation, inverted construction period and ‘weekly scheduling’.”Relevant person in charge told reporters, through multiple measures, multi-pronged, timely solve the difficult problems in the project construction work, and the important work node responsibility to people, responsibility to the post;Supervise and verify the reasons for the delay of key nodes to ensure the completion of the project construction node plan as scheduled.At the moment of the epidemic, the Management Committee and Linkong Group have arranged relevant staff to strengthen the inspection of epidemic prevention and control and the investigation of hidden dangers at the construction site at all times. They insist on epidemic prevention and control and production safety at the same time, so as to create a safe and stable environment for production and life.All departments and project units in the park made concerted efforts to escort safe construction and production, ensuring that all targets for the first quarter were successfully achieved while winning the battle against the epidemic.It is understood that in a series of measures to push forward the reform of mechanism of system of park, international airport free trade zone for “small the ac + group company” new pattern, namely, to establish professional operating companies, and the ac Shared park management, sets professional subsidiary, the park operation, development and construction, investment and financing, and other functions, gradually realize the change of leading to the market leading by the government.Since this year, the management Committee and Linkong Group have made all-out efforts to carry out the “four years” action, focusing on the business environment, investment attraction, project construction and urban and rural quality, with the attitude of “the beginning is decisive battle, the beginning is sprint”, vigorously promote the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the provincial capital, strive to create a new situation of high-quality development of the park.(Correspondent: Liao Danying, Tang Yu)