Can chronic pharyngitis be cured after all?Pharyngitis repeated attacks, 3 kinds of bad habits of life, as soon as possible

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If you look around, a person speaks in a hoarse voice, refuses to drink or eat spicy food, and occasionally has a dry cough.So, this person is probably close, and there may be symptoms of sore throat.Speaking of this pharyngitis, it is indeed a difficult problem, although mild pharyngitis has little impact on daily life, but will bring some uncomfortable feelings.But for chronic laryngitis patients, regular recurrent attacks, also is really very “diaphragm”.Have what method, can cure chronic pharyngitis thoroughly?Chronic pharyngitis, have the method of radical cure after all?Before answering this question, we might as well look at the causes of chronic pharyngitis.Like many types of inflammation, chronic pharyngitis is a disease caused by an accumulation of inflammatory factors, partly due to lifestyle and partly due to disorders or reduced functioning of the body’s endocrine and immune systems.Diseases related to the body’s immune system and lifestyle focus more on the adjustment of daily life to reduce the possibility of inflammation. In medicine, there is no thorough treatment, for example, patients with chronic pharyngitis symptoms can be relieved by appropriate medication in the attack stage.It should be noted that some private hospitals may recommend you to perform surgery to cure pharyngitis. In general, it is only symptomatic, not the root cause, and there are still hidden risks of recurrence. Please pay attention to the identification of patients.As mentioned above, chronic pharyngitis is more likely to reduce the recurrence rate through taking medicine and daily life, so as to reduce its impact on life and health.To develop reasonable and healthy living habits is the correct way to prevent recurrent chronic pharyngitis.Chronic pharyngitis recurrent attacks, it is important to develop good habits in life the first good habit: often drink water pharyngitis outbreak is a major reason, because of inflammatory factors, and long-term exposure to stimulating substances, will increase the risk of inflammation.Therefore, drinking water regularly, flushing the residual mucus and food residues in the throat, reducing the risk of inflammation, is also the best choice to prevent recurrent chronic pharyngitis.Immunity is very important. If your immunity is regular and strong, inflammatory factors can be controlled freely and do not attack the original tissues and cells of your body, and inflammation will occur less frequently.And exercise is a good way for us to improve immunity, regulate the biological clock and endocrine system, similar to chronic pharyngitis and other diseases, attacks can also be alleviated accordingly.Of course, since there are good habits to reduce the recurrence rate of chronic pharyngitis to develop, there are also bad habits to overcome, especially near the end of the year, some special dietary habits, really is likely to increase the burden of pharyngitis and hidden dangers.If you want to suppress recurrent pharyngitis, these three bad habits should be eliminated as soon as possible.The harm of drinking must not say more, often drink, can increase the risk of cancer and fatty liver hidden trouble.Not only that, alcohol is an irritating substance, long-term drinking, continuous stimulation of the throat, chronic pharyngitis will appear more frequently.Although the end of the year is approaching, we should drink to add to the fun, but also please try to moderate, drink a little better, do not drink of course the best.② Love eating hot pot, hot food, especially in the south and Guangdong areas, hot pot and hot food is everyone’s favorite, after eating, the whole body will be warm.However, regular consumption of hot pot and hot food, ultra-high temperatures and irritating ingredients can also lead to throat injuries and increase the risk of recurrent inflammation.③ Often smoke.Smoking and drinking are the same, both belong to the intake of irritating toxins, easy to induce a series of respiratory diseases, which also includes chronic pharyngitis.Unlike drinking alcohol, which may be controversial in terms of health, smoking is definitely not good for you and should be quit as soon as possible.To sum up, although chronic pharyngitis seems insignificant, if it occurs repeatedly, it will still have a great impact on life and health. Learning to develop good habits, overcoming bad habits, and alleviating regular life is the most effective way of behavior.[1] Xie Yanfei.Prevention and care of chronic pharyngitis [J]. Health Vision: Med Edition, 2013, 21(10):1.[1] Huang DONGwei.Discussion on prevention and treatment of chronic pharyngitis [J]. Chinese Journal of Practical Medicine, 2009.