Aerial shot of the eastern town of Maitreya, overhead shot is full of fairy tale romance

2022-05-27 0 By

One hour from Kunming to Maitreya, 20 minutes from downtown Maitreya to Dongfengyun.Walk into, the moment that drone rises, the fairy tale romantic world of Oriental charm is pulled open, the green wave flowers on the hillside, windmill stops among them.Among the green grass, the shape of the meadow carved by the meter track is in memory of the French grapes brought by dongfeng Farm due to the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway.The core building, kaleidoscope, is made of red bricks. It looks like a kaleidoscope, a wine bottle, or an old castle in the art world.Sunshine, windmill, railway track, manor, here not only has the romance of fairy tale, every place in the town is exudes the breath of art, here, nature and art perfect integration, life becomes a poem.For several years, the increasingly hot town is attracting tourists from all over the country with its unique temperament.Some netizens jokingly call it “China’s first magic town”.