2-3!Premier League leaders surprise, home defeat, Guardiola too desperate, Kane stoppage time winner

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English Premier League leaders Manchester City play tottenham Hotspur in the 26th round of the premier League at 1:30 am Beijing time on Feb 20.In the first half, Son set up Kulusevski for the goal, while Canselo’s shot was wide and Kyundoan hit the post. Emmerson’s shot was high and Kyundoan scored.In the second half, Son’s long-range shot was blocked and he set up Kane to score. Kane’s second goal was called offside.Mahrez equalised from the penalty spot in stoppage time, and Kane’s ultimate winner.Finally, Manchester City 2-3 Spurs, burst a surprise.Man City conceded the goal three minutes into the game!Harry Kane sent a scalppel ball to split City’s defense, and Son ran into the penalty area with the ball to face Ederson.However, son did not shoot the ball himself, but passed the ball across to Khurusevski. Khurusevski pushed the ball and scored.Son handled the opportunity selflessly and Tottenham got off to a fantastic start.In the 16th minute, Cansello cut inside after picking up the ball on the right of the front field, then burst into the penalty area and fired a shot just wide.It’s a winger’s play and it’s not easy to be sharp as a full-back.In the 19th minute, Sterling burst into the penalty area with the ball, then sent a cross, Jingdogan got the ball turned and pushed into the far corner, the ball hit the right post and bounced out, is a close call.Two minutes later, Cansello fired a powerful shot from the top of the penalty area, but it was wide.In the 24th minute, Emmerson dribbled the ball outside the penalty area and attempted a long-range shot that missed and went high.Five minutes later, Kyundoan used an unorthodox scorpion tail swing to shoot from inside the penalty area, not in the right spot, and the ball went straight over the baseline.The 32nd minute, Manchester city finally harvest the goal!Lori jump the ball appeared to be out of hand, Jingdogan quickly back shot, the ball into the goal.Lori’s mistake was fatal!The two sides returned to the same starting line.Four minutes later, Cansello’s long-range shot from outside was deflected wide of the left post.In the 41st minute, Walker sent a cross from the right. Sterling stepped in and pushed the ball, which was blocked by a defender in front of him.Half time, Manchester City 1-1 Spurs.Second half easy side again.In the 53rd minute, Son took the ball from the edge of the penalty area after Kane sent a scalpel stopper. The defender was already in position and Son cut low into the far corner, but Edson saved the ball.In the 58th minute, Spurs scored again!With a chance to counter, Son sends a cross from the left side, and then shoots the ball into the net.City’s defence was too porous, allowing Spurs to penetrate so easily.City are in desperate straits!Guardiola is desperate.In the 63rd minute, Kane had a chance to face the goalkeeper on a diagonal pass from Son, but his shot was blocked by Ederson and he missed the chance to kill the game.Subsequently, Jing Duan in the penalty area front pocket shot far corner, the Angle is very tricky, but was the heroic lorie save.In the 72nd minute, Harry Kane collected the ball on the left side of the penalty area, adjusted his shot and scored again.However, the ball was disallowed for offside.City levelled with a late penalty kick from Mahrez.In the 94th minute, Kane headed the ball in to complete the final kill!In the end, Manchester City lost 3-2 to Tottenham, breaking a surprise.