“Read to you” the motherland, an endless love song

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Going home for the Spring Festival By Zhang Qieread By Zhang Yafei Linxia Public Security Bureau I have thought more than once, what is the motherland?I think ah, think, whenever I think of the motherland these two words, the in the mind will be gentle waves, eyes will twinkle crystal tears.Blood pentium in the blood vessels.What is the motherland?Is the mountain, is the sea, is the forest, is the grassland, is the village, is the city, is rolling desert, is the endless hills.What is the motherland?Is smoke, is whistle, is Dragon Boat Festival dragon boat, is the Mid-Autumn festival torch, is the baby babbling, is a lover’s warm kiss, is the mother in the pan baked pancake, is the father in the journey of exhort.What is the motherland?It is the thinking of Confucius, Laozi and Zhuangzi; it is the poetry of Qu Yuan, Li Bai and Lu You; it is the prose of Han Yu, Liu Zongyuan and Su Shi; it is the words of Li Yu, Li Qingzhao and Xin Qiji.It was painted by Bada Shanren, Zheng Banqiao and Qi Baishi.The calligraphy of Mi Fu, Huang Valu and Lin Sanzhi is the creation of the wisest of our ancestors.The work of some of my most revered masters.What is the motherland?It is a humiliation, a struggle, a failure again and again to rise it is the gun in the hands of the soldiers, the blood on the neck of the patriots, is the victory of the carnival, is the history of the pages of the immortal chapter.There are many wonderful places in the world.But is there my mother’s bag in which I was born?Are there footprints of my trudging here?No since these are not, then, the motherland ah, is an irreplaceable place.The motherland is an endless love song, an endless beautiful article.It is the place where our ancestors and their ancestors live and prosper, and where our children and their children’s children live and develop.Let us know more about the motherland yesterday, but also more efforts to build the motherland today and tomorrow!The end belongs to China!The future of China belongs to youth!