Mathematics group of Laodong Primary School in Baqiao District carried out “Lei Feng” classroom teaching demonstration activity

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Sunshine news (reporter Liang Yongfei) to earnestly implement “double reduction” policy, optimize classroom teaching, promote young teachers to grow rapidly.Recently, the mathematics group of Laodong Primary School, Baqiao District, Xi ‘an city carried out the classroom teaching demonstration activity of young teacher “Lei Feng”, a total of four teachers showed, all teachers participated in the class evaluation, to promote research and improve.Explore “lei feng” classroom teaching mode of classroom teaching, using “guide – in – one – in -” the teaching steps, teachers guide students’ interest to import, clear objectives, “” autonomous learning, sharing” “bold question, this paper discusses realization” “positive practice, skilled application” “control objectives, clarify pass five links”, students’ autonomous learning, in the team cooperation and communication,Enjoy learning to explore, according to the objectives, sort out and summarize the learning content, and evaluate the learning effect.Teacher Li Tian taught “Street Square” a lesson, in class, Teacher Li can accurately grasp the teaching focus, clear thinking, through the form of group cooperation to explore, let students find the product of decimal number and multiplier decimal number of the relationship, give full play to the students’ subjectivity, cultivate the students’ sense of cooperation and exploration ability.Sun Xiaoyi teaches the lesson of “Buying stationery”. By creating the life situation of buying stationery, he leads the students to ask questions, understand the meaning of decimals, experience the characteristics of decimals and master the calculation method of multiplying decimals by whole numbers.In the teaching, the “math teacher” explained, led everyone to complete the classroom exercises, from teacher-student interaction to student interaction, fully embodies the teaching concept under the new curriculum reform.Yang Rong teacher teaching “understanding tangram” a lesson, Yang teacher from the interest of students, with students like the animation import, greatly stimulated the students’ interest in learning and learning desire.In class, students can participate in learning in different ways by making full use of learning tools and multimedia teaching methods centering on teaching objectives.Through a series of activities such as observation and operation, layer upon layer, let students know tangram, guide students to play their imagination, use tangram to play their favorite graphics, let students learn in play, play in learning, stimulate students’ interest, create a good learning atmosphere.Teacher Wang Jing taught a lesson, this lesson fully embodies the teaching concept of the new curriculum reform, grasp the cognitive law of students, creative use of the textbook, expand students’ knowledge, develop students’ ability to operate and language expression, create a free, harmonious and equal learning atmosphere.In the teaching process, teachers closely linked with the actual life, so that students feel that there is mathematics everywhere in life.After the demonstration class, all the teachers of mathematics group gathered in the conference room to discuss the demonstration class activity.The teachers first carried on the teaching reflection, and then everyone expressed their opinions from the aspects of teaching content and teaching methods, pointed out the classroom teaching highlights and places to be improved, and analyzed every detail.We communicate and learn from each other, and everyone gains a lot.Through this activity for young teachers set up a platform for the mutual exchanges, learn from each other, let the young teachers feel teaching should not only focus on the knowledge of students, should focus on the cultivation of the students’ core accomplishment more, penetration of mathematics method of thinking, mold quality and students’ personality, at the same time, efforts to improve its education teaching level, make mathematics classroom full of vigor and vitality.In the future, the school will fully implement the double reduction policy, constantly improve the quality of teaching, and promote the school education and teaching work to a new level.Editor: Yuanyuan