Japan’s latest entry policy: gradually lifted during February, after March to discuss the removal of entry restrictions

2022-05-26 0 By

On February 12, 2022, the Japanese government announced that it planned to gradually lift entry restrictions in February, and formally discuss lifting entry restrictions after March!The Japanese government has decided to ease restrictions on the entry of foreign nationals into the country by the end of February.First, business people and students will be allowed to enter Korea in February.The number of new arrivals will gradually increase from 1,000 a day.This is due to a change in policy as deregulation is being discussed both at home and abroad.The suspension was temporarily extended after the policy was introduced at the end of November 2021, but was extended until the end of February in January 2022.The plan is to lift the entry ban on March 1.There is also a proposal to reduce the entry quarantine for Both Japanese and foreigners from seven days to three days or less.The conditions were vaccination and nucleic acid test for the third time.After the submission of written information, the review will also be simplified.The government will make a judgment based on the status of infections next week.After the suspension, business people and international students who enter China first must accept the supervision of schools and enterprises, and can enter China on the premise of this.It also requires a period of isolation at the facility.Short business trips and appointments to Japan are allowed.Researchers, technicians and people related to public welfare are preferred.Some international students have been allowed to enter China.This time, private students who cannot graduate without attending face-to-face classes will be allowed to enter Korea first.According to statistics from the Office of Inbound and outbound Immigration, the average number of foreigners entering China dropped to 767 per day in December 2021.The number is expected to rise from 1,000 per day to thousands in February.The government also plans to increase the total number of people admitted to Korea from 3,500 a day, which has been set for March 1.In November 2021, before the new limit was introduced, the number of tourists was capped at 5,000.There are also proposals to restore the level.If the number is too low, there is a possibility of criticism. The government will consider expanding the number after watching the infection situation.Now, in principle, only “public or humanitarian reasons” are allowed to enter the country, except for those who are eligible to stay in Japan.Due to the long-term impact of the growing number of COVID-19 cases, Chinese students have been banned from entering The country for nearly two years and business exchanges between companies have almost stopped.