Innovation-driven development, Jiangshan Opai was once again selected into the zhejiang enterprise innovation ability top 100 list

2022-05-26 0 By

Recently, the zhejiang province high and new technology enterprise innovation ability 2021 top ten top and various fields list released, jiangshan opie topped 2021 high and new technology enterprise innovation ability top list, and included in the list of top 10 new energy and energy-saving enterprises honor, this also is in the third year of jiangshan Europe clique to be included in the top 10 new energy and energy-saving enterprises in zhejiang province.The selection of top 100 high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province is organized by Zhejiang Institute of Science and Technology Information. Through comprehensive evaluation and ranking of main business income, profit and tax amount and R&D investment of enterprises, the list of enterprises is finally determined.The re-selection of Jiangshan Opi proves the company’s strong innovation ability.As a national high and new technology enterprise, national green plant, jiangshan European wooden door has been focused on health and healthy household product design, research and development, not only has a professional r&d team and national laboratory, also with many famous universities established good relations of cooperation, with independent intellectual property rights innovation driven enterprises healthy development.Up to now, Jiangshan Opai has obtained more than 200 patents in total.At the same time, Jiangshan Opai also shows strong competitiveness in revenue. In 2020, the company achieved operating revenue of 3.01 billion yuan, up 48.6% year on year, and achieved r&d investment growth of 24.3% year on year at the end of the period, with revenue and R&D strength rising steadily.High and new technology is the core of enterprise transformation and upgrading, Jiangshan Europa has always maintained high investment in RESEARCH and development, in the technology, information and other aspects of the R&D end investment of nearly 100 million yuan, the introduction of Germany HOMAG (HOMAG), Italy MAKOR and other international advanced equipment, improve product production efficiency and accuracy;Attaches great importance to the informatization construction at the same time, the introduction of standardized PLM product research and development system, a comprehensive upgrade LTC engineering end customer full process management system and new retail end customer order management system OMS information technology systems, such as the company’s information construction throughout the design, production, sales and after-sales service the whole process, effectively enhance the level of enterprise informatization, automation,Digital power to empower the development of enterprises, and constantly consolidate the development foundation of high-tech enterprises.This year, jiangshan was awarded the top 10 new energy and energy saving Enterprises and successfully selected as the Top 100 High-tech enterprises in innovation capacity, which not only represents the national recognition of jiangshan’s independent innovation work and industry practice, but also the full recognition of Jiangshan Europe Group’s deep efforts in digital transformation and development in recent years.In the future, Jiangshan European group will continue to improve their influence, drive the power, innovation, bigger and stronger to do better at the same time, to drive the wood door industry to technology, energy-saving enterprise transformation and development.