In terms of the GDP of Xi ‘an in Shaanxi province in 2021, which city can it rank in China?

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Xi ‘an is the capital of shaanxi province, is very famous in the history of our country’s ancient capital, is the most prosperous metropolis in han and tang dynasties period, no one of today’s xi ‘an is the 15 big vice provincial cities and one of the nine national center city, the administrative status is also very high, here many industries, enterprises, the development potential is unlimited,In terms of tourism, Xi ‘an is also famous for its terracotta Warriors and Horses, Huaqing Pool and other tourist attractions. The figure above is Xi ‘an, and the figure below is Xi ‘an. According to GDP data of 2021, Xi ‘an has a GDP of 1.068828 billion yuan, ranking among the top 24 in mainland China and the first in Shaanxi Province.In front of Xi ‘an is the famous Dongguan city of Guangdong Province. The GDP of Xi ‘an in 2021 is as high as 1.068828 billion yuan, while after Xi ‘an is the famous Changzhou city of Jiangsu Province. The GDP data of 2021 shows that The GDP of Changzhou is 880.760 billion yuan.At present, the GDP of Changzhou is still significantly lower than that of Xi ‘an, but the GDP of Xi ‘an is also slightly lower than that of Dongguan. Therefore, if we people in Xi ‘an make more efforts to publicize the advantages and specialties of our hometown, can we attract more people to spend and travel in Xi ‘an and increase the GDP of Xi ‘an more quickly?So what do you think?In the comments section, the figure below is the GDP ranking of each city in 2021. The data comes from the Internet. If you have any mistakes, please leave a comment in the comments section