Grandpa ordered Cinnamon to take down her aunt red. Red took care of me like a parent

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Guide language: at this time, the cinnamon pray grandpa think of other ways, do not remove red aunt ah, red aunt is her most close person, like his biological parents!But also asked to remove the red coat.That’s how you solve the problem.At that moment, Predator One had arrived at Cinnamon’s side.Where do they go from here?Let’s have a look!In the castle of science and technology, cinnamon is asking his grandfather to think of other ways, don’t pull down the red aunt ah, there will be other ways.Red aunt in my childhood memories ah, red aunt, like my mother, grew up with me, make me happy, make me happy ah, make me healthy growth.I really don’t have the heart to do it!At this time the laurel recalled his childhood of the past ah!He sat on the rocker, carefree ah, red aunt shaking the drum ah, make me happy ah!Dismantling Red aunt will come after all!Small this is red aunt pleased to say, cinnamon, I also have no energy, as waste utilization, help me tear down, I also can’t feel the pain, the best of both worlds!That’s when!Armored killer one has come to the small devil near, he opened the full power radiation laser gun ah, you can not escape, once hit ah, immediately will die!He gave a loud bang!A young girl coming, ah, this is the famous aunt ah!Meet that ironclad killer number one, then angrily scold way, ah, you this hateful guy, see my super alloy fist target, see him one punch hit ironclad killer monster…Well, that’s the end of the story, thank you for watching.For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing