District civilization center to Yaoxi street before the Spring Festival visit

2022-05-26 0 By

Spring Festival is coming, the old cold feeling deep.In the morning of January 25th, Gao Legeng, deputy director of district Civilization Center, zhao Xiaohuan, deputy director of district Civilization Center, visited yaoxi Street New Era Civilization Practice Institute, visiting 10 “good family style” families in Longwan District and 2 “Wenzhou good people”, accompanied by street member Pan Zhongmiao.High line details about “start-up”, director of the many aspects, such as family life, children go to school, send necessities, give a recommendation for them, and encourage to remain a beginner’s mind, the construction of good family, good family education, inheriting good family trait, give full play to the exemplary role, show the new furnace creek people up for the good times, in the whole society to build inheriting good family trait of good habits.At the same time, we will send gifts of condolence to Lin Hua and Zheng Bi, the “Good people of Wenzhou” in 2021, and encourage them to continue to play the role of “good people of Wenzhou” as an example and a leading call, carry forward positive moral energy and lead a new wind of civilization.Contributed by kong Lingwen