Two people in a kindergarten in Beijing have been confirmed with the virus, and 113 children have been quarantined with their parents

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Source | Beijing daily client on April 6, 19 epidemic prevention and control work in the Beijing COVID – 301th press conference, Beijing chaoyang district Zhu Sheng introduction, currently involved in elle infant park COVID – 19 confirmed cases there were 2 cases, 1 case of students, the teacher in 1 case.The kindergarten has 12 employees and 113 preschool children. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Chaoyang District has strictly implemented control measures, and all the 125 kindergarten employees involved in Chaoyang District have been under control. Information about other people has been spread across the city.On April 4 and 5, Chaoyang District organized two nucleic acid tests for the students, teachers and residents involved in the Kindergarten, and the test results were negative.52 Jiuxianqiao Road, where the kindergarten is located, was temporarily controlled, and the staff and visitors during the infection period were controlled as high-risk personnel.In the flow investigation, the two staff who went to the kindergarten for temporary training on March 29 were classified as the contact personnel, and the staff who delivered meals to the kindergarten was listed as the vacant staff at the same time. The control and nucleic acid test were carried out immediately, and the results were all negative.Zhu Sheng said that many of the isolated people are infants, chaoyang district in the concentrated isolation of infants, arrange a parent to accompany the children, women’s federation, labor unions and other relevant departments also bought toys, books for children, organized a variety of activities, pay attention to children’s physical and mental health, to meet the daily diet, pediatric disease diagnosis and treatment needs.