Tianshan Grand Canyon in the snow, Xinjiang 5A scenic spots, each frame is a collector’s edition

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For Xinjiang Tianalexander Valley, it has always been a place of yearning.The main reason is that I have lived in Urumqi for five years and have been to many scenic spots such as Tianchi, Nanshan Pasture and Turpan Flaming Mountain.Even altay in the north, Kashgar in the south and Khorgos port in the west have left my footprints.But only the Great Mountain Canyon, obviously very close, but has not had the opportunity to play once.Not always is the best, so in the year four, years are not over, I will not urgent about friends, together came here.There are still a lot of haze in Urumqi, but it is getting closer and closer to the Tianshan Grand Canyon, and the air has gradually become a lot better. Please come to terms with the gloomy weather, and the mood has suddenly brightened up.On the way to the Tianshan Grand Canyon, on the side of the road, I saw an eagle with wings, very tangible, the stone wall under the talons is written “Tianshan Grand Canyon”.There are not many people in tianshan Grand Canyon in winter, and the deepest one can only reach the parking lot. There is a road from the parking lot to the inside, which is blocked.So we play, while walking to the gate of the scenic area.A bit of snow sprinkled on the mountains, the sun also became more warm.Henggeng hung two rows of lanterns on the iron rope on the bridge deck, even in the deep mountains, the rich flavor of the New Year here did not reduce, but more of a different kind of feelings.A few can be seen from the road, which wraps around a frozen riverbed.It’s closed in the winter, but in the summer, it’s a hot house with a view.Imagine, in the hot summer, into the depths of the mountains, listen to the sound of the river flowing gently, smell the smell of flowers flying, with the scenery in the mountains between, then life is quick zai!There is not much snow on the mountain, but the river in the gully is still frozen, covered with a thick layer of snow, like cotton covering the earth, and like a white corridor greeted by the eyes, I walk in the forest between the snow scenery, and nature to the most intimate contact.The storm between the valley is always changing, when the wind is against the whole body is chilly, as if a cold wind poured into the body, when the wind is calm, the only thing you can feel is the warm warmth of the sun.Tianshan Grand Canyon as a very early rated 5A scenic spot, the most beautiful is the scenic spot zhaobishan reservoir.Compared with summer, zhaobishan Reservoir in winter is more strange and magnificent.The wall of Zhaobi Mountain is covered with white icicles, and the outlying mountain is not a bit of snow, it looks very interesting, let a person have to admire the nature of the extraordinary axes.”Horizontal view of the ridge side into a peak, far and far high and low are different” into zhaobi mountain near, close to squat on the edge of the icicle, can see the clear water flow from the stone, issued to tick, tick crisp sound.The icicles, hanging upside down on the rock walls, create a more realistic aesthetic under the lens of a mobile phone.In the place where ice and water blend, there is white snow as the background, this water wave also appears amorous and beautiful.The water was clear beneath the thin ice, and the sun shone brightly on the ice.Such beautiful scenery, in the whole scenic area can only be seen here zhaobi Mountain, so if you are coming to tianshan Grand Canyon in winter, you must come to Zhaobi Mountain scenic spot here, come here to feel the wonderful scenery in the snow and ice.The Tianshan Grand Canyon in winter integrates mountains and rivers, as well as snow and ice. You can enjoy the scenery in the snow field and feel the beautiful scenery in the northwest.And it’s not only a great place to enjoy the winter scenery, it’s also a paradise that many photographers love.There are also a lot of people in the local attraction, photo and wedding photo is an endless stream of people.Tianshan Grand Canyon, is it your dream place?If you had the chance, would you come here?Feel free to share your insights in the comments!For more exciting content, come to Xiexinxin