Robertson for luck Hawkins again!The world no. 4 is looking to win his third title of the season and 22nd ranking

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The first and second stages of the World Snooker Players Championship final will be played between Barry Hawkins and Neil Robertson for the second time in less than a month at 21:00 on 13 February and 3am on 14 February.For Robertson, it was a good chance to win his third title of the season and his 22nd ranking title.It would be a perfect time for Hawkins to break his title drought, but it would be a terrible situation to face Robertson in the final.Hawkins is likely to miss out on the first title of the season again.The most outstanding player of the season, Robertson has already won two titles in three finals this season, including the Masters.For Robertson, of course, the goal is to win the trophy, which would both establish him as the real number one of the season and put him level with Donald Trump as the world’s leading player in the post-80 ranking.For Robertson, this is the perfect opportunity to win another title and set a new record.For Hawkins, it was also a chance to rewrite his fate.He has been a backstop for top players over the years.If he wins, he will be able to avenge his humiliation and boost his confidence.Robertson vs. Hawkins advantage is very obvious in Robertson and Hawkins’ past record, the two players have a total of 27 meetings, Robertson with 16 wins, 1 draw and 10 losses to dominate the clear advantage.Hawkins has won just once in the last six meetings between the two sides.Hawkins has lost all three of their last three meetings, including a bloodied masters final defeat by Robertson last month.So, objectively speaking, Hawkins doesn’t have an advantage over Robertson.But in terms of semi-final form, Hawkins was better than Robertson.That is a worry, though, because Robertson’s form can only get better in the final and Hawkins’s can only get worse.In this trade-off, Hawkins’ abilities may be further discounted.Robertson, who has already won two titles this season, is confident and tactically sound, and it will be hard for Hawkins to beat this formidable player in the final.Robertson is better than Hawkins in terms of his game form and individual defensive tactics, not to mention Robertson’s mental quality is rare in the world.In this case, Robertson has a good chance of winning the trophy, as he has the physical and form advantages, as well as the confidence and mental qualities that will surely serve him well in the final.Compared to Robertson, Hawkins has fewer advantages, in addition to the semi-final competitive form advantage, Hawkins is almost absolutely weak in front of Robertson.Although in theory, the two men have an even chance to win the championship, many of the arguments are meaningless in the face of absolute power differences.Robertson is a player who can adapt to both the fast and slow pace, but Hawkins can adapt to a monotonous pace.If he can’t find his rhythm, he will lose his chance to win.In Robertson’s game so far, controlling the pace of the game has always been one of his strengths.So in this showdown, Hawkins is likely to be in the background again!Robertson is likely to win again and add to his great record.