Remembering the revolutionary martyrs continues the red blood

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Tomb-sweeping Day is a traditional festival for mourning the dead, remembering the martyrs and giving thanks to ancestors.In order to stimulate the majority of players love the party and patriotism enthusiasm, mind lofty ideals, the red gene rooted in the heart and inheritance, in the Tomb-sweeping Day is coming, Xi ‘an Yanta District Hang Tian 21 hundred primary school “+” community jointly carried out the “memory of revolutionary martyrs, continuously red blood” theme education activities.At 10 o ‘clock in the morning of March 30th, the young pioneers representatives of aerospace 210 Primary School held a solemn memorial activity for revolutionary martyrs in xi ‘an Martyrs Cemetery.The teachers and students who took part in the activities lined up in neat rows to pay silent tribute, bow to pay tribute and offer flowers to the revolutionary martyrs. They deeply remembered the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs and expressed deep respect and grief to the martyrs.As a reminder of revolutionary martyrs, inheritance carries forward the fine traditions of the older generation of revolutionaries, stimulate students’ patriotism, inheriting the martyrs are the spirit of struggling in the ching Ming festival approaching, electronic town primary school held a “offering heroes know DangEn persist red blood” theme team activities, team forms, each class by the revolutionary story, poetry readings, red red,Promote patriotism and inspire students’ reverence for revolutionary martyrs.Xijing Branch school held a flag-raising ceremony with the theme of “Our Festival, Qingming” on the eve of Qingming Festival.The student representative brought a speech under the national flag “Remembering the revolutionary martyrs inherit the fine tradition”, called on the students to pay attention to the traditional festival, understand the national culture, with a sincere heart to remember the revolutionary martyrs, pay respect to and protect them for the peaceful liberation of the motherland, for the prosperity and strength of the motherland made all efforts.The fourth primary school in Yanta district organizes students to inherit the red gene and continue the red blood through creative decals of ancient poems, hand-copied newspapers and painting competitions, activities of “Qingming Festival to send mourning thoughts to heroes in the clouds” and recitation competitions of “reciting Chinese classics to raise patriotic aspirations”.Yanta District sixth primary school teachers with students into the canteen, qingtuan qingming limited.Students took to the streets, followed community workers to publicize civilized sacrifice, sent their own homemade youth tuan to uncles and aunts, and called on residents to abandon bad habits of sacrifice and promote civilized customs.Through this activity, aims to guide the heroes, learning the history of the party, listen to the party, go with the party, firm ideal and faith, to the traditional festival into rich connotation in the youth ideological and moral construction, pays special attention to the study of teenagers education, let red pass on genes, revolution from inheritance, buckle with red history to guide the children a good life for the first grain of buttons.