Hebei supports the transformation and application of innovative technological achievements to boost the construction of an innovative Hebei

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Hebei news dispatch (hebei daily journalist Andrea pan), hebei province development and reform commission, provincial departments of revision and issued by the school in hebei province science and technology cooperation development money management rules, and norms and strengthening the cooperation of the provincial university science and technology development fund management, improve the efficient use of funds, further implement the strategy of innovation driven development, boosting innovative construction of hebei province.Province university science and technology cooperation development funds, it is to point to by provincial budget arrangement, used to support our province made institutions and registered in our province all kinds of enterprises to solve the problem in the process of project development or implementation “their” problem, from a sign a cooperation agreement with the hebei provincial government institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes to introduce (to buy) outside the province science and technology innovation, the patent technology of special funds.The use and management of provincial and school cooperation funds shall be guided by the economic and social development goals set by our province, industrial transformation and upgrading, and scientific and technological innovation, with the emphasis on accelerating the development of strategic emerging industries, supporting the improvement of quality and efficiency of traditional industries and promoting rural revitalization, and with the purpose of transforming and applying innovative technological achievements.To support enterprises and public institutions in Our province to further strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with universities and research institutes outside the province, and promote our province to realize innovation-driven connotation growth.The implementation rules are clear, the main body of the declaration of the provincial school cooperation fund is the provincial public institutions, registered in the province of all kinds of ownership enterprises.The applicant should have a fixed location, a need for cooperation, a certain scale, and the ability to undertake projects.Among them, the applicant should be an independent legal entity registered in our province, with the need for the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements and the ability of transformation and application of scientific and technological innovation achievements and patented technology.Projects that have received special financial support from other provincial governments within 3 years will not be supported repeatedly.Provincial and university cooperation funds mainly support qualified projects by means of special subsidies and awards instead of subsidies, and encourage the implementation of awards instead of subsidies.Special subsidy refers to the subsidy support for the projects in line with the key support areas of the annual declaration guidelines.Substituting awards for subsidies refers to providing awards and subsidies for projects that purchase key core technologies from universities and research institutes outside the province through scientific and technological innovation achievements and patent technology transfer in the past two years and have good results after being put into use.Hebei Province conducts performance management for the project.According to the actual situation, the project performance index should be scientifically determined, which mainly includes output index and effect index.The competent departments of economic and technological cooperation at all levels shall establish and improve the performance evaluation mechanism, organize performance evaluation of the use effect of special funds in due time, and report the results of performance evaluation to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission.The provincial Development and Reform Commission shall be responsible for organizing the comprehensive performance evaluation of all projects in the previous year, and timely submit the project performance evaluation report to the provincial finance Department.The evaluation results will serve as an important basis for provincial budget arrangement and allocation of funds.We will strengthen supervision and management of funds.The use and management of provincial and school cooperation funds shall be subject to the supervision and inspection of auditing, supervision and other relevant departments, and timely promote the rectification of problems discovered.In case of violation of regulations, fraud, interception or misappropriation of project funds, measures such as suspension of project funding, termination of project implementation and recovery of allocated project funds in accordance with law may be taken upon discovery.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.