CAI Song is one of the first important writers. Do you like his poems

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Crossing the river CAI Songnian eight years call qingjiang river crossing, jiangshui Jianghua laugh at my labor.Back to the heart of solitary month, tired travel trace pay tao.Two waves of god su, liuhe Tomb-sweeping day is extremely high.Lake sea xiao Chen body thick lu, the dream of a fishing around the misty rain.Songhua river tributaries is jindu to duty the way, is also a poet Cai Songnian between Beijing and home towns Yang path, so since the father drop gold, this decade often stood on the Banks of the songhua river summon a ferry to cross the objects around it, even the mighty flow between the lienchiang wave, taojiang river LuCong national flower, are already familiar with,So I’m afraid they’ll laugh at him for being so busy.Standing on the bank of songhua River, poet CAI Songnian looked around, the legacy left by the ferry in these years had already disappeared with the rolling river, and his youth had been lost by the official career.Over the years, return to hide the forest and official for the official has always troubled him, when the official career is bumpy when he thought of return to hide, when thinking of the money Lord’s kindness, he hesitated.Now, had entered old age, his heart of retreat is more and more intense, the plan of this retreat forest must pay the action, the bright moon of the sky, poet CAI Songnian wants to set next oath with you in this ferry, from now on no longer interfere with political affairs, find a place of quiet environment end old forest.When he made this decision, his mind was relieved, so that when he sat in the boat and crossed the river, he saw peace.Between the two capitals of the Jin Dynasty, several rivers flowed rapidly, their original sound seemed to be directed by the gods, and they all flowed quietly under the bright moonlight.Up and down the four sides of the space has become vast up, under the bright moon appears particularly clear, the north star in the sky also appears deep and distant.Here, the poet CAI Songnian he excused himself, he is just a wandering minister, to the country has no effect, why long in the official position with salary does not work?So the poet seems to see himself driving a boat, fishing alone in the misty rain of the river.Xing Now w for her husband’s rhyme CAI Songnian dongfeng first wild mei Huang, drunk my dongshan cloud window.Only this meet late spring month, night bed wind and rain over the cold river.Life clutch a few spring, frost and snow invasion green temples double.Beam an officer and return, wine sausage cloud dream swallow thousands of cylinders.The spring wind days are late in the spring; the wild plums have turned yellow; the poet CAI Songnian comes to a friend’s house; the two of them drink wine and chat.In the evening, two people sleep in a bed, chatting about the day did not finish, at this time, the wind and rain outside, like the waves in the river kept rolling.After a long separation and reunion, poet CAI Songnian can not help but sigh, life is only a few decades, to meet a real friend is how difficult, meet always respectively easy to meet difficulties.Now, is a few years did not meet, between each other are old many, so together always have to say not over words, for fear of time again merciless loss.It is difficult to be an official in bianliang. It is better to retire to the mountain forest as soon as possible and live a carefree life by drinking and composing poems with old friends all day long.The poet CAI Songnian was such a person. Although he had a successful career in government all his life, he always lingered in the shadows and took part in the war against the Song Dynasty.