Yi ‘an Court starts Internet trial after New Year

2022-05-24 0 By

Recently, yi ‘an County people’s Court yilong court, a few unusual trial is orderly.After repeatedly connecting the system, the judge and the clerk confirmed that the trial system was smooth, the judge Zhou Chunsheng sounded the gavel and started the trial procedure.The trial was unique in that the original dock was empty, but images of the defendant and evidence were clearly shown to the judge on screens on either side of the courtroom.In the pre-court preparation process, due to the defendant’s old age, smart phone operation is not skilled, Judge Zhou Chunsheng patiently and carefully guide the parties to mobile phone operation, after nearly an hour of repeated communication, the Internet trial smoothly.Zhou Chunsheng, the presiding judge, said that because the original defendant is far away from the long court, not only prolong the trial cycle, but also increase the litigants’ litigation costs, with the help of the Internet trial information means of litigation activities, is the performance of our serious and responsible to the parties.The Internet trial has timely solved the people’s “urgent, difficult, anxious, and hope” problems, and completed the whole trial process without leaving home, which is efficient and convenient.The Internet trial effectively meets the people’s diverse needs for justice, from paper to fingertips, but also goes to the heart of the people.Yilong Court will continue to adhere to improving the standards of justice for the people, actively guide the parties to file cases online, litigation, mediation, make good use of the online office and case handling platform, so that the people feel the temperature of the law.END Yan ‘an County People’s Court