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To comprehensively strengthen dezhou import cold-chain food epidemic prevention and control work, keep up the cold-chain food, disease control and prevention safety bottom line to crack down on violations import cold-chain food epidemic prevention and control of production and business operation, fully mobilize social forces to take an active part in dezhou epidemic prevention and control work, decided to inform against import cold-chain food in violation of the provisions of the epidemic prevention and control in the production and operation of mass reward behavior of the citizen,The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1, the scope of reporting 1, not as required 24 hours in advance through the “Shandong Cold chain” report;2. The imported cold chain food purchased from other provinces or ports or the cold chain food purchased from key regions has not entered the centralized supervision and special warehouse management;3. Unable to provide the “three certificates of cold chain” (inspection and quarantine certificate, cargo list and warehouse release certificate);4. Failing to implement the requisition and purchase inspection, failing to input the purchase and sale behavior into “Shandong Cold Chain”;5. There is no special area for imported cold chain food, there is no special counter, special person for sales, and there is no public retrospective TWO-DIMENSIONAL code;6. The real-name management ledger has not been established, and the employees have not taken protective measures or the protective measures are not in place;7. Failing to conduct nucleic acid testing on imported cold-chain food, packaging, environment, transport vehicles and employees, and having no or incomplete nucleic acid testing records;8. Failure to carry out elimination of imported cold-chain food and packaging, environment, transport vehicles and employees in accordance with the provisions, without elimination records or incomplete records;9. Other acts in violation of epidemic prevention and control regulations.Citizens can call 12315 or 12345 to report.According to article 123 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, the illegal act shall be punished severely and the informant shall be given a certain cash reward according to the provisions.If more than one person reports the same problem separately, the first informant shall be rewarded, and the information of the informant shall be kept strictly confidential by the department accepting the report.Source: Texas market regulation, Texas 24 hours responsible editor: March responsible review: Wangzhen news hotline: 0533-5355377 advertising cooperation: 0533-3586597