There are so many versions of The Tiger 8, you can’t go wrong with the Tiger 8 PRO?

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“I always felt like Chery was missing the team. The exterior was patchy and the interior felt bad.””In fact, the car is very good, it is the craft, it is a bit of a drag.””Three big pieces is no problem, craft I also don’t say first, say he this intelligent, feel almost mean.””You really want to go with Chery, see the new Tiger 8 PRO, selling a sense of technology.””Isn’t that invincible?With more functions and a Chery engine, it will definitely have a head.””Don’t say too early, what is the final effect, or have to see the actual car to know.”.Chery recently released its third Ruitiger 8 model, The Ruitiger 8 PRO, following the Ruitiger 8 and Ruitiger 8 PLUS.In fact, from the data, the difference is not too big, the three cars use the same platform, the same powertrain, rather than three different models, in fact, can be classified into the same car.The difference in size is also subtle. With the same wheelbase, the PLUS model is two centimeters longer, while the new PRO model is two centimeters longer, reflecting the interior space, the average person may not feel a significant difference.In addition to The Chinese market, The Tiger 8 has been sold in many overseas markets such as Russia, Chile, Uruguay and Ukraine, and the right rudder version has also been launched for the South African market, and has achieved good sales performance and reputation in various overseas markets.However, in the Chinese market, domestic compact SUVs and mid-size SUVs have been widely developed in recent years, somewhat reducing the presence of the Tiger 8 PRO.The Tiger 8 PRO will also carry the same powertrain as the previous two models, with a plug-in hybrid powered by kunpeng E + in addition to the fuel-powered 1.6T and 2.0t versions.So far, all the power of the Tiger 8 series can be selected by consumers on the Tiger 8 PRO.Research and development of key technologies is chery’s strength, but in terms of intelligence, compared with similar Models from other Chinese brands, Chery has not done so well in the past.But with the new Tiger 8 PRO, things seem to be improving.In addition to the curved center screen and atmosphere lights, the new car also features chery’s newly developed W-HUD head-up display.Speed, driving information, phone calls and navigation can all be displayed directly through the new HUD.The speakers have also been replaced with SONY’s 10-speaker surround speakers.Unfortunately, the appearance of the new Tiger 8 PRO is still relatively strong “stitching” traces, large grille, through the taillight, what is popular to what, seems a little simple and rough.For a family ORIENTED SUV, the Chery Tiger 8 series has always been able to meet the daily needs of owners.Space, power, safety, driver assistance and gas mileage — everything that can be measured by numbers — the Tiger 8 PRO performs just as well as its predecessor, while also improving the cheapness of the interior and its relatively poor ride quality.The new car is expected to cost between 120,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan. At that price, the Tiger 8 PRO should be a good choice for a full-featured mid-size SUV.Last but not least: while many Chinese brands’ compact SUVs emphasize a “span”, each one has more space than the last, The Tiger 8 PRO may not have an obvious advantage in space, although it is targeted at mid-size SUVs.The product strength of the new car looks good, but chery models have always had a characteristic, that is, everything is OK in data, but the actual use of workmanship and quality make people feel a little difficult to describe.With The Tiger 8 PRO, we can see Chery’s willingness to change the status quo, but the actual effect needs to be tested by the market.