The HEALTH Commission responded to the proposal on “Promoting legislation on death with Dignity” : there are controversies and further studies will be conducted

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The National Health Commission (NHC) recently responded to a proposal on speeding up legislation on dignified death made by deputies to the fourth session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), saying that there are still some disputes in the legal, medical and social ethics circles, and social understanding is not unified, and there are still many difficulties.The NHC will continue to listen to the opinions of experts and people from all walks of life, strengthen communication with relevant departments and conduct in-depth studies on relevant work.About law dignity death legislation relating to the specific content suggestion, said countries WeiJianWei reply, in the implementation of the Suggestions mentioned in “dead” dignity, to some extent similar to the idea of hospice care, namely in patients with end-stage disease lay dying, the life-sustaining treatments may take too much, no longer use hospice care for patients with hospice care, let them natural and leave the world with dignity,In this way, the unbearable pain of dying patients can be eliminated to the maximum extent, and the economic burden of patients’ families and society can also be reduced.Some of this can be done by advancing palliative care.For the legislation of death with dignity, there are still some disputes in the field of law, medicine and social ethics, and there are still many difficulties in social understanding.The NHC will continue to listen to the opinions of experts and people from all walks of life, strengthen communication with relevant departments and conduct in-depth studies on relevant work.Of legislation explicitly put forward represents dignity dead, clear “invalid health” concept, the purpose of strict limits on the applicable objects, the strict limit for examination and approval and licensing procedures, and strictly limited implementer specific content, to promote the hospice care related work has the very good reference value, national WeiJianWei will study in the related work.In 2019, with the consent of The State Council, the NHC, the National Development and Reform Commission and other eight departments jointly issued the Guidelines on Establishing and Improving the Health Service System for the Elderly.Request building including health education, prevention, health care, disease diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation care, long-term care, hospice care of continuous, comprehensive coverage of urban and rural elderly health service system, emphasized according to the function and orientation of medical institutions, to promote the corresponding medical institutions, according to the patients with the principle of “fully informed, voluntary choice” hospice care services,We will establish and improve a multidisciplinary model of hospice care, provide pain and other symptom control and comfort care services for patients in the final stages of disease, provide psychological support and humanistic care to patients and their families, strengthen publicity and education among the public, and steadily expand trials of hospice care.At present, the pilot work has made positive progress, forming five modes of hospital, community, home, combination of medical care and remote service.Some provinces have launched provincial pilot programs based on national pilot programs, and hospice care services have shown a good development trend nationwide.The NHC said it has carried out a series of work with relevant departments to strengthen the top-level design of hospice care work, improve support policies, strengthen staff building and increase service models.In November 2016, the National Health Commission issued the National Nursing Development Plan (2016-2020), encouraging the establishment of hospice care centers in areas where conditions permit.In 2017, the state WeiJianWei issued the basic standards and management about print and distribute hospice care center specifications (trial) notice on the printing of hospice care practice guidelines (trial) notice, the access of hospice care center and operation specification, standard, standard service, has been clear about the part of the hospice care practice of nursing key points and matters needing attention.In 2018, the National Health Commission, together with 11 ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Education, issued the Guidelines on Promoting the reform and Development of the nursing service industry.In the next step, the National Health Commission will continue to intensify efforts to further expand the national hospice trial, expand the coverage of hospice care services, and maximize the quality of life of patients at the end of life.At the same time enhance the promotion of hospice care, further carry out the medical students and medical staff of peaceful reading therapy care and education of knowledge, to severe disease patients and their families as the main target group, to strengthen the life education of the whole society, establish scientific and rational view, to promote the development of hospice care service to create a good social atmosphere.Sources: Official website of National Health Commission, Beijing Daily