Fuzhou Jin ‘an procurator: “I am a young man, I first!”

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The Party has a call, the league has action.In the face of the epidemic, the League Branch of the Jin ‘an District Procuratorate of Fuzhou mobilized all its efforts in the first time to mobilize and gather the youth strength of the league members, replaced the procuratorial blue, put on volunteer red and protection white, and rushed to the front line of fighting the epidemic.At 3 am on March 21, young police officers from the Jin ‘an District Procuratorate were on their way to support the mission in the courtyard car.The police car pulled up at a traffic light.Suddenly “QQ” several knock window sound came.Rolling down the window, they saw a black sedan parked in an adjacent lane, and a young man nodded and gave a thumbs-up until the light turned green.This scene played back for a long time in the minds of jin Young people, who had not slept all night because of this praise, instantly tears filled their eyes, more full of power.This time, they went to six temporary nucleic acid testing sampling sites, including Dongshan Xinwan, Fuxing Development Zone, Yuanzhong Village, Yuandong Village, Shangyang Village and Qianyu Village. Every young person became an iron wall to fight against the epidemic.Young people in the community to fight the epidemic.On March 27, young people from the Jin ‘an District Procuratorate worked together for 35 hours to collect nucleic acid test samples from 41,335 people and made more than 1,400 phone calls to inquire about the source of the epidemic.These figures are a vivid epitome of the young people of The Jin Procuratorate working together with the people of the whole city to fight the epidemic.In order to fully cooperate with epidemic prevention and control, the youth of the Mission actively participated in the frontline grid work, assisting in the screening of returnees from high-risk areas, providing volunteer services such as nucleic acid test sampling and order maintenance, and establishing “epidemic-free communities”.”Hello, I am a staff member for epidemic prevention and control. I am here to ask you urgently for information about where you have been and who you have been in contact with.Thank you for your cooperation!”In order to beat the epidemic and block the spread as quickly as possible, the young police officers took the time to ask detailed information of people with travel history in high-risk areas again and again with the spirit of daily case handling.Pan Jiazhong, secretary of the Youth League Branch of the Jin ‘an District Procuratorate, as a member of the emergency response team supporting epidemic prevention and control work, was busy for 17 hours until 1 am the next day after receiving the task of tracing the source of the epidemic from 7 am on the same day.When he was on duty in the hospital, he welcomed the second batch of emergency teams at three o ‘clock in the morning, took the initiative to help sort out the aid equipment, and returned to his post after sending his colleagues away.Young people in the community to fight the epidemic.Jinan district people’s procuratorate for figure “unity of three member service people really is to serve the masses” guides “, maintain the “order” in the test, or sample registration “code”, jinan district procuratorate vice secretary of the youth corps cell Zeng Fang always volunteered, rushing into battle “disease” is a line, she said “I am young, I first.”On March 27, the General Party Branch of THE Academy of Youth Inspection and Quarantine, with 10 groups of eight people in each group, went to 10 temporary nucleic acid testing sites, including Lianyang Community, Houpu Community, Sungdongfang Community, City community, Dongcheng community and Pudong community.”Please wear masks, get the collection code ready, and keep a one meter spacing!””Please take good care of your children!”She patiently guided the people to queue up in an orderly manner and reminded them to prepare relevant documents or collection codes in advance to help the nucleic acid sampling work proceed in an orderly and efficient manner.For some of the old man didn’t take id card, for smart phones are not familiar with operation, no nucleic acid detection, in the process of the registration service every young jin inspection well, handy to help you complete the nucleic acid detection information registration, assist to check a gien identity information and prepare for later inspection work, promote the whole detection efficiency.Young people in the community to fight the epidemic.The Jin ‘an District Procuratorate provided the plan to pass on the warmth of spring to the people.In 2022, the Youth League Branch of Jin ‘an District Procuratorate responded to the central deployment of the regiment and integrated the anti-epidemic action into the themed activity of “Striving for Good youth in the New Era”.Youth fight epidemic together to overcome difficulties.In the future, the Youth League branch will continue to play the role of the fighting fortress and vanguard role of the youth League organization, practice the triumphalism of the young police officers to overcome the epidemic with practical actions, and help win the battle of epidemic control and annihilation.