Accidents are the norm. What matters is, how do we deal with them

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In the afternoon, I chatted with my colleagues. When I just came out to work, I spent a month’s salary to buy a Xiaomi 2S.At that time, the opening animation of the mobile phone was very interesting. It was not like a normal mobile phone, which was directly black, but like a closed window, closed up and down, which was very cool.It was the first cell phone OF my life.When I got it, I was so excited that I spent money on the fonts and beautiful theme wallpaper.However, not two months, out shopping, mobile phone was stolen.I made an appointment to go shopping with my classmates. When I passed by KFC, I saw KFC’s ice cream cone, so I bought one. KFC’s ice cream cone melted quickly, so I put my mobile phone in the pocket of my windcoat and walked while eating.Wait for the cones to finish.He touched his pocket and his phone was gone.My mind went blank and I couldn’t believe it, but I felt in all my pockets and my phone just disappeared.It was very uncomfortable.There were not many people on the street that day, just the two of us. If someone stole my phone, the shops and small traders would have seen it, but no one reminded me. I still felt that people were really not kind.I had to wait another month to buy a new one because I hadn’t been paid. I wanted to buy the model back, but unfortunately the Mi 2 was no longer available.I still have a feeling that my new cell phone isn’t good enough.In fact, in life, often encounter such accidents, setbacks are common things, but the key is how we go to face such accidents.In fact, most of the time, it is not this thing that hurts us, but the emotions we produce because of this thing.Why do you say that?It’s because once, I went shopping, and I met the person with the beauty card in front of the mall, and I was in a really good mood, because I hadn’t gone shopping for a long time.And THEN I realized that the cards were all lies.But at that time I promised, and the heart of the thought is: I will not be deceived, anyway, there is time, go to see out.When I came out, I took out my only $400 and all my change.Almost came out in tears.After coming out, I was very angry, both to the black shop angry, more to their own angry.I won’t tell you how he was tricked.Every time I think about it, I get really upset, I get really angry, and I think I’m stupid.I didn’t tell anyone about it until my sister told me that she and her cousin were cheated in the same way, but her cousin paid for it, and she didn’t.And I told her what happened to me, and I tried to calm her down.In the process of persuasion, I found that what really makes us uncomfortable is the emotion generated by this event, not the event itself.It had been a long time since I was cheated, but I still get angry every time I think about it.It’s not the thing that makes me sick, it’s my mood that makes me sick.After I figured it out, I wasn’t angry anymore.Take setbacks as an upward ladder no one’s life is without setbacks.And, small setbacks can not cross the past, that encounter big setbacks will not get up after a fall.In fact, about being cheated, my parents told us a lot of cases, to remind us what happened, we must be vigilant, because it is definitely cheating.Despite all the good news, most people are still fooled.Like me and my sister, we’ve actually heard it all.But when we met or cheated, sometimes parents teach us, is to let us take some detours, but in fact, some detours if you don’t go, don’t know is detours.But anyone who has been cheated will be much more careful next time.That is, use this setback as a ladder to progress.Only in this way can we improve ourselves and become better and better.Those who are good, are they good to begin with?Not really, because they overcame many setbacks on their way to excellence.And those who fail, in fact, is not the beginning of the failure, but they have some setbacks did not overcome the past.So, the unexpected will always come, sooner or later, but the important thing is how we face it.